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Xbox Live Suddenly Taking Forever To Sign In

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Okay, this is more of a formality than a necessity. I have seen multiple posts regarding this so I am not alone, but I understand it is Support policy to require individual postings for issues so that they may be resolved individually. Tonight around 11pm EST I turned on my Xbox 360. It took about 5 minutes to load the start screen. I restarted my console a while later and the same issue occurred. As a result, I started trouble shooting the issue and followed the tips I tried throughout the forum: 1. Unplug everything and remove hard drive. I plugged only the power cable and the HDMI cable in and my console loaded properly. I plugged in the hard drive and it loaded properly. I plugged in my Ethernet cable and experienced a major slow down. 2. Verified my ports were properly open and it's in the DMZ. 3. Tried connecting via WiFi, same slowdown. 4. Checked and I am receiving 10mbs down and 1mbs up. 5. Cleared my cache. Still loaded slow. 6. Reviewed all files individually for any errors. The cache was displaying an exclamation point so I deleted it. Restarted the console and the boot was still slow, but the cache was no longer glitched. 7. In the event that it was an issue with new software, I deleted all new software and files installed recently (only one: Fable 3). I hope this clarifies my issue enough to be able to assist. I believe I have sufficiently ruled out my internet, cache, and hard drive. My router is functional as I am able to play other consoles and PCs online.
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    Same here, it is probably due to the service alert on the front page.

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    I deleted most of my non played stuff as well, don't know how I did it but it loads fine now except for 1 game where I sign out LOL don't know why, but it seems to be ok for the most part now just try the same, if no results you may want to consider reformating the memory, but make sure you have a way to back up all your marketplace data so you don't lose it.

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    Hey there Hawkings,

    Sorry to hear you're having issue with sign in lag. I really appreciate you making a new thread with such detail.

    One thing that stands out to me from the steps you've taken: Have you tried using a different ethernet cable?

    Also, are you using any third-party accessories?

    You may also want to try these steps in this exact order and see if they show you any love:

    Let us know and we'll work with you from there. 

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    I have done that and it still does not work :(

    My brothers account signs into xbox live quickly, Mine takes about 2-5 minutes.

    I have my account downloaded on a friends account with a password on and mine also has a 4 digit code.

    Please find a solution!!!!

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    Hey there Coffee! If you haven't already, please go ahead and make a new thread detailing your issue and any steps you've taken so far to fix it. That is how these forums work best as it lets us tailor our support to you specifically. ^_^

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