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Hey there support folk.

My console is having trouble connecting.

The test connection screen wont even make it through the first connection stage.

Our internet is otherwise fully functioning.

It gives the error code 80151901, but I can't find any search results for that one.

Anyone have suggestions?

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    Please try the following:

    On you're Xbox, go to network settings, configure network, additional settings and select "Restore to factory defaults". Then restart you're console. Once restarted, try to sign in again. 

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    Hey Springer, Check out this support page: 


    As for the error code that you receive, when I looked it up there seemed to be no results. If you would like to click the link and see if that helps and if not double check the error code and come back, Thats fine!

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    Hey Springer,

    Sorry to hear you're running into that error code.

    Please create a new thread in the Beta forums with your issue and they will provide support for this there.