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Three xbox's on the same network all open NAT?

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Tried several things today to try to get all xbox's on open nat but can only seem to get one on open and the other 2 on moderate.

I know port triggering would be the best for the setup but it did not seem to work.

The router I have is the Linksys WRT160N.

Any suggestions would be best. I tried changing up the DMZ, port triggering, port forwarding on one xbox, as well as messing with QoS for the specific port range.

After how many times I tried switching things around I would be amazed if someone came up with a solution I could do that would actually work.

If anyone has a suggestion on getting a better router that would make this work for multiple xbox's I would not mind buying a new router if that is the case.


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    Seeing that the wndr3700 router is pretty good for multiple xbox's on open nat. Going to try to buy this and see how it goes!

    I thought linksys was king but I guess not for gaming!

    Hoping that I can buy this new router and just turn on upnp and have multiple xbox's online open nat at once!

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    Hey Launcher!  Let us know how it goes with that new router, yeah? I've never had to deal with it personally, but we've got some experts on the Forums when ti comes to multiple systems on one network.  We'll get it sorted for you! :)