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forgot email cant recover gamertag

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hi my brother forgot his email address and his account vanished is there a way of getting his profile back thanks

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    Hey Tom, sorry to hear about your brother's account! If he calls phone support and can provide the necessary details regarding his account (such as personal information and the answer to his secret question), they should be able to provide the Live ID to him. :-)

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    hey I lost my account details two years ago so I made a new one but I want my old one back.

    all I know is my gamer tag  I don't know my secret question but will they still get me my account back or is it a waste of time?

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    Hey there Theory! As mentioned above, you would need to contact phone support in your region for more help with this. We do not have the means to return lost or forgotten accounts to you here on the forums. Thanks!

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    Call XBOX customer Support at 1800 4MYXBOX, If you are able to provide information such as the answer to your secret question as well as personal information such as your billing information, you will be able to obtain that information. If you have a credit card on the account, by law, the account is yours, Meaning that you should have no problem getting the information you need