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Virgin mobile mifi

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My boyfriend just got a virgin mobile mifi, but he can't connect to xbox live, and I'm wondering can the 360 connect to mifi, I don't know much about it, so I don't know if it can =/


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    no it can only connect with wifi

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    Yes you can connect to xbox live with a virgin mobile Overdrive pro hotspot you need to go to store you bought it from and ask to see the coverage zone see if your device has a good enough signal then open the devices settings by entering and go into the advanced settings find router settings then enable the uPnP -(universal pack n play) some games want you to enable port forwarding like cod black ops 2. so go to a best buy or sprint store and ask to see the coverage map then follow tthese very simple instructions then you will have xbox live access I would get the the overdrivepro 3g/4g network 5gb 55$ no contract  or if you are lucky to be in a major city good signal area you can get 4g speeds ulimited for 35$ a month no contract to, I hope this info can help its all true. oh and I play halo 4 with no  lag when im on the go on the overdrive pro but im a verizzon fios lover at heart.

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    Some MiFi devices don't have UPnP.... including the MiFi 2200 according to - so I'd call Virgin Mobile support to ask them which of their hotspots have UPnP and Port Forwarding as those are often required for a decent connection.

    Support: or Request A Call   How to get FreeLIVE

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    Greetings CommanderCootie!
    Appreciate if you can post up the model number of your wireless hotspot.

    Please read: Scroll down to bottom of this page and you will find some useful tips regarding connecting to Xbox LIVE with MiFi and other mobile networks. Please let us know if you were helped by this. Thank you!