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Error code 8b050008-2a163c39-88e4fcf1

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360 elite worked fine two days ago, today it wont log into xbox live and presents like I don't have an account.  When I try to recover account it tells me I must have a xbox 360 storage device so the console isn't recognizing my 120 hdd.   My system has never been modified, it was taken out of the box and placed on the shelf.  Any help is appreciated.

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    Can you try a different memory device, such as a USB stick configured for use with Xbox 360, and then let us know if you can recover there?

    Mister Fitzer - Xbox Community Engagement

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    Tried a memory stick, still wont recognize it.  What should I try next?

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    When you tried the memory stick did you unplug the HDD? Also did you go into the memory section of the console and have it reformat the stick for use on the xbox? Simple things to do, but just want to make sure that the variables have been fully covered.

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    this is what i did i formatted a sandisc flash drive put that in stall got same error. I then put ethernet cable  in did network test it then started to download an update applied and bobs your uncle worked

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    Hey LFC est1892! Thank you for your generous input! Since this thread is dated back over a year ago, it is likely that the issue is already resolved so I'm going to lock this thread!