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getting disconnected every 5 mins

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i have 3 xboxes in the house and two computers, which for the last 2 years ran fine with no problems. Last week we had a stonrm and it fried our router that is provided by pctc where we get internet from.. they came and brought a brand new one installed it like the old one and left after they seen everything connected.. as soon as they left i started watching netflix and come to find out it kicks me offline within 10 minutes.. alot of messing around i find out its not only netfliix i can sit on the dashboard and within 10 mins it will disconnect. i can connect right away again but will end up disconnecting again.. so i called the pctc and told them the issue they said they would send another tech over here to look at it.but before that figured i would call xbox live and see what they had to say about it.. was on the phone with them for 2 hrs for them to tell me that it has to be on our internet providers side. told me to ask them about the pppoe settings. today came when the pctc tech showed up and he just looked confused and said he has no idea and blames it either on all 3 of the xboxes breaking at the same time or xbox live.

   now i goto test connection and all that and then it reads: you can connect to xbox live, but your current network configurationj may limit your online experience. select more info for a description of the problem and how you can fix it.

suggestion 1: nat error. consult your router or modems manual for steps to enable upnp, or open port 3074 if your router or modem doesnt support upnp.

because of a setting on your router or modem your nat type is moderate. this may cause problems with multiplayer games and chat. visit for more help.

and i know everyone going to say change your nat type.. which i did and so did the pctc tech that came over today and still does it (personally i dont know if he should be even called a tech) anyways i have a friend that got his degree in networking and he tried changing the nat type to and still no go. and while we were on the phone with xbox hey tried haveing us change that also. and thats when they said that it must be on the pppoe settings.

now i play xbox alot and watch netflix all the time been a member for 5 years now. but for the last week havnt even turned it on because i cant do anything without internet anyways. so am i suppose to just sit here and keep relaying conversations to xbox live and pctc telling them that the other company says its there fault.. i dont care whoes fault it is i just want it fixed so i can play call of duty again and watch netflix..


thanks for your time and any help anyone can give

Sir McCloud

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    Hey there McCloud!
    We could try and see if we can find a solution for you. Are you experiencing the same issue on all of your xboxes? Before we go into any technical details could you please read: START HERE! And post back in full detail (the piece in bold under the title "Make a post"). Also, Are you using the wireless external network adapter on anyone of your consoles? If so, is it the black or the white adapter?


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    yes it is happening on all 3 xboxes.. one xbox is one of the newest model with the built in wifi, and two of them are running with ethernet. and all of them do the same thing. the wierd thing is the computers stay connected 100% of the time without any problems its only the xboxes that have the problem. like i said before last week it all worked perfectly fine. and after got that new router it just wont work. not sure how much more detail that i can give from the above post that i have written..i dont really know much about this but i would really like to be able to use xbox live again.. i mean if i cant use it theres no point to me or the other two ppl in the house to keep renewing membership. which i dont want to do because i love xbox live so i would really hope i can get this figured out.. if you have any more questions on any details just ask on this post. ill be checking in all day. thanks for your help.

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    It can be caused from someone on youtube making you lag out, it also can just be a connection probllem with xbox live

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    i just posted under where i think you were talking about.. under the start here link. but i will be checking on both regularly thanks again for your help

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    we really dont use youtube so im not sure if that would be it. when i do connection test in between the network and interet test.. after the test there is a yellow circle with an exclamation point right in the middle of the network and internet.. if that helps at all

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    McCloud - By providing this info, you’ll give the community the tools they need to help resolve your issue.

    Modem brand & model number:
    Router brand & model number:
    Things you have tried:
    Is UPnP Enabled? Yes/no/Unknown
    Do you have a NAT error? If so, what is your NAT?
    Any Error Codes you encounter:
    Who is your ISP(Internet Service Provider)?

    After you run "Test Xbox LIVE connection" press “Y” for "More Info”. In the pop-up that appears, what are the following values, if shown? (If a value below does not appear for you, just leave it blank.)



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    Hello im this problem bat im go to test conxion ecc ecc. im the jellow LIVE service ( Alerte De Service) ??? Help my end Ty

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    XBOX LIVE Service

    Il se peut que les utilisateurs rencontrent des difficultés avec les services suivants :

    Some users will experience issues attempting to create or manage user accounts, create machine accounts, or manage the association of their gamertag to a Windows Live ID.

    Nous sommes conscients du problème et travaillons actuellement à sa résolution. Veuillez nous excuser pour tout désagrément encouru. Nous vous remercions pour votre patience.

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    1. modem and router are the same thing.

      name-comtrend wireless adsl2+ router

      model- ct-5361t

      p/n- 222476-208





    2. Things i have tried are

           port forwarding

           port triggering


           xbox connection to default

           downloading profile

    3.upnp is enabled according to my friend that was trying to help figure it out. he has a degree in networking.

    4.yes i am getting a nat error, when i do the test and it completes i get this message "you can connect to xbox live, but your current network configuration may limit your online experience select more info for a description of the problem and how you can fix it." i goto more info and it says "nat error consult your router or modems manual for steps to enable upnp, or open port 3074 if your router or modem doesnt support upnp. because of a setting on your router or modem, your nat type is moderate. this may cause problems with multiplayer games and chat. visit for mor help.

    5.yes i have had errors at first i was getting the error for not being able to find an ip address but when my friend did the port forwarding and stuff we stopped getting that error now all we getting is the above listed nat error

    6. my internet provider is pctc, price county telephone company.

    7.error status report

    w:0000 - 000B

    X: 0001 -8005

    Y: 20A8 - 4800

    Z: 0000 - 0000

    ID: 0007 - 0001

    L: 0015 - 10F0

    Q: 8007 - 0435

    T: WIRED



    D: /

    there you go i hope that helps you with any info you need. if you need anything else let me know.. thanks again for all your help much appreciated

    Sir McCloud

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    a yellow ! in a circle means slow connection, try restarting your router, turn back on after 30 secs.

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    i will add this to my roommate said about a year ago had problems with nat settings.. he talked to someone from xbox live on the phone and they had the remote desktop and took control over his computer and went and change some setting to have port 1 specifically for computers and port 2 specifically for xbox. after that everything ran great until we had that storm that took out the old router which was replaced. we tried hooking up the same way it was and it doesnt work. and we also have a switch that the pctc our internet provider recommended because we have more devices than there are ports.even so everything is hooked up identically the way it was we are having problems now.

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    buildingbloxx i have tried that multiple times and i even let it sit off for about 5 mins and tried again and still same thing. by the way we have the fastest internet that they provide in the city of phillips.

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    sometimes it can help if you try and restart your router then just trying with one xbox on firstly to see if it works then bring on the others if that works.

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    i have tried that also.

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    Sir McCloud - Make sure your modem/router is up to date with the latest firmware version (visit manufactures website and see if there is a later version available then your current one). Leave UPnP enabled (don't set up DMZ or Port Forwarding) and Port Triggering the following ports.

    Xbox LIVE requires the following ports to be open:

      • Port 88 (UDP)
      • Port 3074 (UDP and TCP)
      • Port 53 (UDP and TCP)
      • Port 80 (TCP)

    Post back and let us know how it goes.