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Trouble connecting to Xfinity internet

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I am having trouble connecting to my xbox with xfinity comcast

wireless internet. Will not go pass the first stage. When I use a wire

it will connect. I tried all the suggestions on and nothing works.


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    What is the specific area it's hanging up? If I remember correctly, it's connect to network, connect to Internet, connect to live?

    I had a issue with my Xbox last year and it was the defaultComcast DNS that was blocking my access. No idea why, but changing it in my router fixed it right up

    Though using manual DNS settings on your Xbox itself should work, you should try changing the DNS settings in your router as well. or or whatever you prefer should work fine.  Maybe you can try that and it might help.

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    Hi Matt too cool,


    What is the make/model of your wireless router?


    Have a look at this web page HERE to see if your router is listed as incompatible. 

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    If you havent seen this guide try this link out