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xbox 360 slim will not connect to wireless router

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I recently bought an internal hard drive for my Xbox 360s and transferred all my content from my old Xbox to it. It will now not let me connect to my wireless router and I have went through all the troubleshooting steps.  My computer and other devices are all connecting to my internet router so I know it is not my router.  Any suggestions please help

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    Purchasing a hard drive would not cause your XBOX 360 to not be able to connect to your router. Both are totally unrelated. If that was the case, it would let you connect without a hard drive inside.

    Please try to reset the network settings on your XBOX 360 if you haven't already. That option should be available by going to Settings > System > Network Settings > Select your WiFi SSID and then go to the Additional Options tab there should be a reset network settings there.

    If that doesn't work, then please try to remove the security for your router as a test and see if you are able to connect to it then. If not, try to use a wired solution as a test with your router to see if you can connect your XBOX 360 to LIVE via an Ethernet Cable.

    Please also make sure to post the following information:

    What Country/State you are in?
    What is the make and model number of your Cable/DSL modem?
    What is the make and model number of your router?

    What have you tried so far?

    This will help someone to further assist you.

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    Try using a wired connection an let us know how that works...

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    As hassassinade we'll need full info if you could

    Please read:-

    And post back your details in full (the bits that are in bold on that post) so that people may help


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    i bought some turtle beach headphones and for some reason when i plug them in i loosed my wireless internet does anyone have any ideas about what might be happening

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    Hi STIFler401, could you please start your own thread so your issue is kept separate


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    STIFler401: Try moving your transmitter further away from your xbox,the wireless signal from your headphones are causing interference with your wireless network.

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    it workes now guys thanks