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Xbox won't connect to internet but internet is fine? Help please

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I am in need of some help, I turned my xbox on this morning for a quick game before work and could not connect to xbox live. When testing my connection it stated no internet connection. I looked at my laptop and my tablet and both of these were on the web fine.

I have reset my router a few times, I have reset my network connection on the xbox but still nothing.

Can anyone help as I have just purchased early release Fifa 13 and I am a bit worried the xbox is broke which will mean it was pointless renewing memeber and purchasing ea season ticket.

I am using the newest 250gb xbox 360 (although I purchased at release so it is over a year old now) with the built in wireless connecting wirelessly to virgin media super hub.

many thanks


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    this may help :) well I hope it does :)

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    Hi, I've been having the same problem since this morning, and after much looking around i found out that microsoft and virgin media are having technical problems so. So most people who use virgin media as their ISP have to wait for the issue to be resolved. Here's what i mean.

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    Yep. Virgin Media is losing data which they should forward on to Xbox.  Check for updates.

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