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8015D002 Error Code

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When i try to sign in on another account,which is using the beta dashboard, i get the "8015D002" error code. I know that i am putting in the right information but it won't work. I have tried recovering my account and that doesn't work, i have also changed my password that doesn't work either. If someone from Microsoft could shine some light on this subject that would be very much obliged.


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    Try going to, sign in there, and change your password, then sign out, sign back in again, select Edit Security Info from the Account Summary page and make sure you have a working cellphone number listed under Phone Numbers, a working alternate email address and a Secret Question you know the answer to.

    If you are still not able to login to the account try to delete the profile ( delete profile only) and then download the profile again.

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    unplug router for 30 secs plug in test connecting and you should be able to sign in now

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    > using the beta dashboard

    Please post your request into the Beta forum as that's not a known error code for the current Dashboard. You will get a much better response there.

    Support: or Request A Call   How to get FreeLIVE

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    No answer for you, I'm having same issue since 14th Feb 2013 now Feb 17 2013 No reply from support. None of these help and support forums are attended by skilled assistants to help you, it is a load of crap! Wasting my time, and money on xBox - seriously wanting to move to PS3 after this weekends errors not letting my accounts sign in withour all the security Q. That have been answered already!

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    Password change does not work, I'm really sick of xBox.

    I'm missing extra point weekend AGAIN (yes I'm shouting), and family online AGAIN!-

    Also, I'm indignant about having to change my password, when I like and remember the one I have. So, I'll have to change it again to get back to where I was. Most annoying. And for what benefit = NONE!

    Also, the last time this sort of thing happened, I used another standard (well known to me) password I use elsewhere, not gaming. Then xbox would not let me access my account, claiming incorrect password. But I know I know it and it is the password I chose, there are no-mistakes on my part! - The result is - not I'm not sure if the password they are now asking for, is the old one, or the new one, and I cannot now get access at all to change it again! Re....

    The reset password was locked to me for some reason. Support said this was not the case and that they don't LOCK password reset on accounts. But, I could receive no phone or email reset information because the email (the same as it is now) is an one that xbox live give you as part of the gold membership.

    And I am just going round in circles of error messages like - 'Sign in with your email and password' on the xBox 360 - but it won't accept any of my passwords - then reports "Sorry something's wrong with you Microsoft account. Go to for help. Code: 8015D003"

    I'm supposed to be able to log in from my primary account, but I cannot on one of my accounts, (There are three other accounts under that Primary account) I can access the other two from my primary account. So why not this one as I usually can?

    As for telling us (THIS IS NOT THE PLACE, then why does the only search results to the error codes 8015D002 and 003 bring us here)? It would seem an easy thing for xBox support to create a link and tell us what this message means and how to fix it!  (I suppose that's too much to ask of support)!    Support is not helping by just telling me to change my password again - or request a reset password.. Useless and most frustrating.

    My suggested answer to anyone else experiencing this crap is to do like I'm going to do at the first chance I get, Move over to PS3!

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    same error here until 13 i was good but now cant connect with my gold account...i think this problem is because the security update....many calls many e-mails nothing...  i think seriously the next gen console will be ps4,so much money to lost everything(the problem is that i m not only me ) and see the others with other consoles play free so many years and if they pay now they download  free games ......

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    Hey there, Aandraeus.  What exactly is the error you're seeing?  If you haven't yet, please make a new thread detailing what you're see.  We'll want to get you back up and running ASAP.  (As for getting a reply from Support, generally we won't reply to a thread if we see that the community is onto the right solution for you, but if you ask for a reply from us, we'll be sure to get you one!)  Thanks for sticking with us!

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    The main point I am making here, is that I should not have to make a new thread about this!

    If I search Xbox live for a stated standard error code,  I should get all the details AND how to fix it, presented to me!

    I searched for 8015D002 and found this thread, which seems logical to me! Except that there are no logical fixes here!

    I should not get spun around in circles by fixes that make no-sense and don't work!

    On that point I will make new thread, but if the support then tell me the same things as I am getting here, - I'll come back to ask you what's the point of it all?

    Secondary Point on the 8015D002 & 3 issue: Why should I reset my password, when I can actually get access with my password?

    I can also access all of my child accounts under my primary xbox live gold account. But, I cannot actually sign in with one of those accounts and play a game! The other two work fine! -

    The account that is not working, demands to be signed in with email and password then goes error 8015D002 and sometimes 8015D003.

    That one account  won't let me sign in and is refusing my primary password and all combinations of emails and passwords I've ever used!  

    My security details are all up to date and complete. Except for, security keeps asking me to provide a trusted PC yet the system takes me no-further than a blank white page.

    As it stands now, the most compelling link on that security page for me, is the 'close-account' link. It won't be long before I use that link and never return. Because I am sick of wasting my life week after week, sorting out these xbox live issues.

    Wondering why I'm being so negative?

    xBox support still have not solved my last issue of deleting my one-time-pass to BF3 Premium that came with my premium content game at £50.  Where the support advice was to reset my system and clear the system cache etc. In order to solve a license transfer issue and access to my cloud saves.  

    After that I had no BF3 Premium access.(and still don't on my primary account)! As far as xbox live is concerned, the issue is closed! As far as I am concerned, it is xBox live's fault and they owe me a BF3 Premium access to my primary account, like I had when I installed it on the 28th Dec 2012. and like what was working for a week, before I followed xbox lives support advice!

    Also, xbox live has lost two accounts worth of Skyrim saves where I personally was massively into it and had many hours invested in my game!  But xbox live don't care about any of that! That's all another story altogether..


    I will be seriously considering PS4 when that comes out!

    A lot of my family have PS3's and have none of these issues!

    So, just my past experience here and with xbox live has already killed off any enthusiasm I would have had for staying with xBox live past the advent of the PS4..  So it will probably be goodbye xbox live!

    I've fixed xbox - live and PSN problems for others in the past,  - PSN is far superior for fixing problems, as they actually direct your query via the error code to a sensible answer that actually works. Not, other members answering questions of what might or could be the answer.  


    When I first started having my BF3 (xbox live's one time pass) issues, I spent days requesting a call back, until I discovered they will not call the UK. So why doesn't xbox live just say that on the call back page! Computers are great you know, they have Geo-location and all sort of stuff that can tell where the visitor is seeing the page from!

    I called PSN for a call back for someone-else recently and they returned my call within 30 minutes and had fixed the issue already, but still called as courtesy to say they'd fixed it! Xbox Live has never done for me!

    Just another nail in xBox-lives coffin for me! Perhaps they should consider changing the name!

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    they have lost the game for the next generation consoles from now....people are not stupid!!!!!

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    I don't know if you guys still have this problem, but, I was getting the D002 error message as well. This worked for me. I went onto my xbox and re downloaded my account. For some reason it recognized my password there.  

    I didn't have to delete my profile first. I was signed out though, so maybe make sure you're signed out.

    1. Press the middle button (xbox button, or whatever it's called).

    2.Download profile

    3. Enter account e mail then password

    4.Check the box so it remembers the password.

    It only took a minute or two to download. I hope this works for you guys. It was starting to irritate me.

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    Worked for me1   I'm glad I found this post so quickly.   I'm sure it saved me some frustration

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    Hi guys. I had this same issue today. Right email and password, but error saying there was no such account/password. So, I followed various suggestions here and elsewhere with no luck. I then went to my Microsoft Live email account, of course signed in with no issues, but when I tried to change the account password, it insisted that the password was wrong, even though I had just signed in with it!

    So, I finally just signed out of Live and did the password recovery thing. I had the reset code sent to my cell phone, entered the reset code on the site, created a new password that way. Then I retried downloading my profile to my xbox again, as detailed a couple posts back and this time it worked, with the new password of course.

    It seems to me that there must be at least two password servers for live/xbox. The server for signing into my email account was fine, but my guess is that the server that handles xbox sign ins and Live account security (pasword changes) somehow corrupted the stored password. (I'm guessing this since the password workef for email, but not for xbox, nor for trying to reset the password from with in Live's account section).

    So, if this happens and you can not change your password while signed into live on the web, sign out, do the password recovery, set a new password and you should then be able to DL your profile to the XBox again using the new password.