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Network timeout madden 13

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I personally think that this is some kind of lag trick that players are using! I only get kicked for a network time out when I am winning, I have never been kicked when I was losing and this has happen to me at least 50 to a hundred times between madden 12 and 13. It only happens when I'm winning big, or if its a close game and I have the lead running out the clock. A lot of time I try to offer mercy just so I won't get the network timeout and the other player rejects my offer then minutes later I'm booted!
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    Hey there antash1! Do you only experience lag issues while playing Madden 12 and 13? Or have you had lag issues while playing other LIVE games? Most often lag issues are related to a connection issue, have you had a chance to run through the steps on "Issues with Connection Speed or Disconnects"? If you have can you please go to on a computer on the same network as your console, take the test there, and post the result image back here. Thanks!

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    I HAVE FOUND THE SOLUTION!!!!!!! I've suffered with this same issue for months. The problem is not EA per se. its the routers/ firewalls on the comcast modem. You actually have networks interruptions on every game, its just that EA and Madden is the only game that kicks you out because Madden is programmed to kick players lag or pauses in games, My set up was a SMC modem/router combo which fed into a linksys wrt54g router. In order to do the fix you have to have the log in for both devices to get into the routers settings, for Linksys its, username and password are both admin. the Xbox will get it's ip address from the linksys and you can find it by going to network settings on the xbox and configure network, The ip address should begin with 192,,,,,,,. in my case it was  now log into the linksys first and open ports 88,80,3074. under gaming and application on the router it should be a DMZ option enter the ip address of the xbox in DMZ and save the settings. But there is more before it is able to work. Now you'll have to hook the computer to the comcast router and log into it. My SMC router was username was cusadmin, pass was highspeed.  once inside you can see an option to look at all the computers or devices hooked to the modem. in my case it was my laptop and the linksys. look at the linksys and see what ip address the comcast router gave the linksys. in my case it was Now you have to open the same ports assigned to the (the linksys) see the ports were open on the lynksys but since the linksys feeds into the comcast router, the comcast router just blocked them again. finally go to DMZ settings on the Comcast router and put the ip address in for the xbox, ( in my case. the dmz settings allow the xboxes ip to exist outside the firewalls of the modem. save all the settings and that should fix it. I havent had a network time out since

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    Other players could be being brats and pausing and pulling out because they are losing, which forces the problem at your end.

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    Ugh...I am having exact same issues on Madden 13. It only just started happening a few weeks ago. I have called my internet provider, and bypassed my router. It is still happening. Do you know of a fix?

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    [SOLUTION] I have had over 150+ online games lost due to a network timeout.  I tried everything. Before I tell you my solution, let me preface this by saying that I have Comcast Internet service with the next to the highest speed plan (the highest is the business plan.). FOR COMCAST USERS... If you have the All in one Router/Modem combo.... REPLACE IT WITH THE MODEM ONLY FROM COMCAST.  This has worked for me, and has worked for several of my friends who also have Comcast in MD. Also when you first get the modem... YOU MUST LET IT BE POWERED ON FOR 20 mins BEFORE you connect it to your device or call to Comcast to get it turned on.  I have now played over 30+ games and have not been disconnected or experience lag once.