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when ever i start up a game it signs me out of xbox live help?

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recently i have brought a new 12 month member ship and now i can not play my games i  am able to connect to xbox live at the dashboard but when my game starts it disconnects me from xbox live i have done what it says but it still doesint work the game i start up is mw3 someone help because i am getting annoyed

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    Hey there Tricky!
    Could you try recover your gamer profile as follows:

    Press X to sign out of your profile.

    1. Press the Xbox Guide button on your controller (large X button in the center of your controller).
    2. Select Download Profile.
    3. Enter the Microsoft account associated with your Xbox LIVE gamertag.
    4. Enter your Microsoft account password.

    You may also want to clear your Xbox system cache. This will remove temporary files from the system cache. Here's how!

    Post back and let us know how it goes.