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Status Code: 800705b4

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Hi all,

since the last update (which add some features like internet explorer) i have a lot of problem with the live.

Sometimes all goes ok, other times i get this error: Status Code: 800705b4

What's the problem?

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    Hey there Raowyr!

    Could you try recover your gamer profile. Here's how:

    Press X to sign out of your profile.

    • Press the Xbox Guide button on your controller (large X button in the center of your controller).
    • Select Download Profile.
    • Enter the Microsoft account associated with your Xbox LIVE gamertag.
    • Enter your Microsoft account password.

    You may also want to clear your Xbox system cache. This will remove temporary files from the system cache. Here's how!

    Post back and let us know how it goes.

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    Sorry but this not resolve the problem!

    Often, when i turn on my console and after some hesitation, tells me that I'm connected to live but charge indefinitely the dashboard with the rotating circle in the center of screen!

    If the console is not connected to the router, however, everything goes smoothly.

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    Same thing is happening to me as well

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    @Darth Appreciate if you could create your own thread, detailing your issue.

    @raowyr Could you try delete (Delete Profile Only) your gamer profile and recover it. Here's how!

    You may also want to clear your Xbox system cache. This will remove temporary files from the system cache. Here's how! 

    Keep us posted! 

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    Ok, i delete my profile, clear cache an download profile again.

    Now i'm testing the situation.

    I keep you posted.

    However thanks for the help!

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    Yes, I can create my own thread... FYI

    "deleting your profile" doesn't work

    "uninstalling, and reinstalling the update" doesn't work

    "power cycling the modem/router" doesn't work

    "disconnecting and reconnecting your access" doesn't work

    "clearing system cache (LB, RB, X, LB, RB, X)" doesn't work.

    The update is broke for a lot of users, but if you need 1 more thread on the forums on top or ALL the others they yes I will create another one

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    Nothing to do!

    Same problem.

    Sometimes give me the error: 800705b4. Other times load dashboard indefinitly. Other times connect correctly to live after a lot of minutes...

    If there is an error with the last update, please give us an official communication and release a new update!

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    Yeah, I'm pretty sure it has to do with the update. I've called Microsoft, and my Internet provider multiple times, hell, they even had a tech guy look at it. Nothing game up.

    I tried the other console, and hard drive in my house. Nothing.

    So since no one knows whats up, I'm sure when MS sees a bunch of us are having this issue, it'll be resolved.

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    It seems like the support are posting on other threads except for this problem, they obviously don't know whats going on but i hope they resolve it soon

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    There are so many different issues, I'm not sure people know where to put it.  If you look on the "Update Issues" thread, there are several posts there as well.  The thread here an ambassador says it's being reported to xbox, but I have even tweeted @xboxsupport and they don't even understand whats going on.  Its nothing but work arounds, and not a single acknowledgment that there is an issue

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    For some reason, when I unplug everything except the power cord and HDMI output it works. Anyone else?

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    there are reports of the issue in the apps area as well:  so hopefully they will put 2 and 2 together and fix it

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    In some posts i0ve read which this solve the problem, but not work for me:

    - step 1- go to settings on the xbox dashbroad

    step 2- press on storage

    step3- leave the high lighter on harddrive

    step4-press LB,RB,X,LB,RB

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    For those who have nothing else working for them, try doing them all .    Delete the profile, clear the cache, reset the password, reboot, recover the profile.    

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    @raowyr Appreciate if you could take a couple of minutes of your time and answer some qustions that are useful for us. Please read: START HERE! And post back in full detail (the bits that are in bold).