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8015D002 Error Code

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I'm entering the correct email and password (obviously since I'm logged in here typing this) but I still get an 8015D002 error code and am being told that something is incorrect when I try to add / look at my proofs via XBL. 

  • I am a XBL Gold member in good standing
  • This is NOT a beta dashboard
  • I obviously know my email and password because I'm here typing this.
  • There's no need or desire (on my part) to change any of that information
  • I've already visited the post "Using your new Microsoft Account and Security Proofs" and it doesn't apply
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    MIster Ohnaka.

    I did all of that WITH Xbox phone support on the line and STILL had the same issue.  

    However, we did find the answer:  It turns out that / etc have a minimum password length of 8 characters but they don't have a maximum number of characters.

    The Xbox unit also has a minimum of 8 characters for the XBL password but has a maximum of 12 characters.

    The answer to my problem THIS WHOLE TIME has been that I use 16-20 character passphrases which work fine on but get rejected by the Xbox unit resulting in the error code 8015D002.

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    Really sorry to hear about your situation, Ra1ynSt0rm! I definitely understand that you have the correct email and password to log onto your account. However, would you be able to change your password and try logging in again? I'd be interested to know if you receive the same error message once your password is changed. Give it a shot and let me know how it goes! Thanks in advance.

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    Why should I have to change my password when I can get on here and into my XBL account on my Xbox?  The problem stems from a security thing on my XBL homepage on the dashboard.  I select it and this stuff happens.  

    • I can get into my account here and on my Xbox (auto login)
    • The problem is with an item on the dashboard
    • It sounds more like there's a problem on your end and you have no idea how to fix it.
    • I don't want to change my password because Xbox screwed up or to "try something"
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    We are having the same problem! I even changed the password and still get the same error message!  Frustrating!!!!

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    Your move Xbox

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    So yeah, no help to be had apparently.  

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    Have you tried deleting and redownloading your profile? Usually that does the trick :)

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    Hey there Ra1ynSt0rm! This error code does usually indicate an account issue and changing your password has been proven to help resolve it in the past. You are by no means required to though! I understand if you'd like to keep the information, but do note it is good to change your password every so often for security reasons!

    Moving to other steps, it would be a good idea to try downloading your profile as irekski suggested. If that doesn't help can I have you visit, sign in and try changing your security proofs there. Do you receive an error of any sort? Are you able to update them? Let us know!

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    Did any valid solutions come along?

    Tried every suggestion.

    Same error.

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    I've also gotten this recently and with no solutions, I've resetted my password, I've resetted my profile, I've resetted my console and I've even emailed customer support and nothing works at all, same code popping up and telling me to try again even though I logged in here no problem. Go xbox!

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    Ten days later, survey taken, still no resolution for me and these other folks.  This is what I'm paying for with my Gold subscription?

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    I would do some of the most simple things first and change your password and see if that helps.

    Check on your account status as well, make sure that the account still has its passport setup.

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    I'm having the same issue! Can't believe Xbox being so dismissive of our problems. This error isn't even listed on the code error search I've just tried yet obviously this is a recurring problem for users.

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    I am havig the same issus I have done everything everyone has suggested and it sill pops up

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    This error most likely is connected to the need to verify the ownership of the account, because the password has been openly published by hackers on the Internet. Solving it may require changing the password or changing the security information, or 'proofs' behind the account.

    A) Since these web pages are .ASPX pages, these steps are best done with Internet Explorer. If you don't have IE, Safari or Firefox are better than Chrome.

    B) Go to and sign in there with the Microsoft ID (formerly the Windows Live ID), the email address used to create your XBL account. If you see any message about a Blocked Account, follow those instructions.

    C) Click on Change Security Info to add 'proofs', security data needed to recover your account and verify your identity.  If so, please provide that information: Add in the your cellphone number, an alternate email address and the Security Question and its Secret Answer. Save the changes then verify the 'proofs' you have just provided.

    D) Sign out, go back to and sign in there with the new Microsoft ID.

    E) Go to and sign in there.  If you see any message about a Blocked Account, follow those instructions.


    FYI, there are three email addresses in the Xbox system for every account.

    1) The Microsoft Account, also known as the Windows Live ID, which is used to sign in at websites and download the profile to the Xbox. If that's wrong, you can keep using it until you have time to contact Xbox Support for help with your account.  You can change that at by selecting Update Email Address

    2) The alternate email address which is where password reset messages are sent. You can see that at and change that by selecting Edit Security Info

    3) The billing contact email address where billing statements are sent to. You can see and change that at by choosing Billing Contact Information

    2 & 3 can be the same. Ideally, 1 should not be 2 or 3 but they often are.

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    Maximinnion, FYI, this forum is mostly staffed by volunteers, and around this time of year, things can slow down.


    You can always call 1-800-4MY-XBOX and choose option 2 for LIVE support if you want to speak to the pros, or go to, sign in there, then go to and click on Request a Call to have the next agent call you back without having to be exposed to Microsoft's Mostly Harmless Music On Hold.

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