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Error Code 80151011

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yesterday i got an error "sorry, Xbox LIVE profiles can't be downloaded right now. try again later. with the code 80151011 in the lower right."

I tried deleting cache 3 times thing..

Updated password like 10 times...

Updated billing contact information page and edit security thing...

I cant see any corrupted profile in my storage too..

I tried to solve it with support team online..After 4 hours talk they couldnt help me on this issue...

If i find a friend who has account i will try to download another account to my xbox to see if it downloads or not.. I will try to download my profile from another xbox console..

Any other ideas?

I bought cod black ops 2 and couldnt play because of this issue! :( 

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    Can you download other profiles to your console properly? Are you able to download your profile to another console? You can try using a different storage device on your console see if that would help.

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    I have a dummy profile so i will try that one.. And i have 1 friend who has xbox but we couldnt try on his console yet.. Different device you mean memory stick? I can try that if you mean that.

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    Yes please try a USB flash drive

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    I tried to use flask drive...couldnt download to that too...i tried to download another account and got the same error for that too.. Xbox console have any system reboot thıng? I really dont know whats wrong ..Help pls

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    Please try this kervangecmez

    Go to settings>system>storage> highlight your storage device (Hard disk) and press this button: LB RB X LB RB X and it should prompt to delete system updates.

    After doing reboot your console and try to download profile. It will ask to do a system update first. After the update try to download your profile again.

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    Hi there! Can you double check the error code again? I am not finding any information on that code. Thanks!

    Of course, I can help you with your XBOX related questions by messages as well. That's how I roll. :D

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    Code is corrsct.. Irekski i will try it today.. I remember that qhen i first  open cod black ops 2, console started to download an update..After that i got this error.. I have hope that this will solve.. After trying this i will inform you from here..

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    LB RB Y worked fine. I deleted everything in my storage. Now i can download and connect to xboxlive...

    Thank you too much for help!

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    i have this exact problem. but i tried your solution which didnt work. and i got it the same time as you. help?

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    I have the same exact issue

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    Hey there Havok084,

    Sorry to hear that your unable to download your profile.  Have you tried clearing the cache, and restarting your console before trying the download?

    Also, something that might help is moving the profile that you have saved on the console now to a USB drive, then remove the USB drive from the console, and try and download the profile again.

    Let us know if either of these steps help you out.


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    I cleared the cache, I removed my hard drive, I did the update, downloaded my profile to the system. After that it did the same thing. It asks me to for email and password, I enter the correct info and for some reason it gives me an error and it wont let me connect to xbox live even though I pay monthly. I put the external hard drive back in, moved my profile to the external, and I still get the exact same issue. Its been like this for days, and its not just my profile either but my fiancee's profile also. Im getting frustrated, Im about to cancel my live account and trade in for a PS3 because this is ridiculous already.

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    And the problem only occurred after an Xbox update, I think there is something wrong with that system update.

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    security proof update was a bad idea badly executed, its so sacure i cant get in my family gold account so all 4 profiles are usless, tried all of the above with no luck. not happy and will not be renewing my xbox live untill this is sorted out and fast.

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    its not you dude xbox live is messing up big time