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connection through Hotel Wifi/ Laptop

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I've been a resident at a Holiday inn in Mobile, AL for months for work. I've never had an Issue till now. I could use some help on this, spent about 6 hrs of tiring run around solutions to reslove this issue. I've developed good repour with the staff here and before I ask them to reset a router/modem that may hinder other guests(16rooms per floor/ 13 guest floors=182 rooms) internet. Which is disasterous in a business. I run a Windows 7 that shares in the Xbox. results are:

Test Status

Network: Connected, Internet: Connected, Xbox Live "Failed"( online status says its up)

Live Status

Service: Up,Xbox stores: Up, Accounts: Up, Matchmaking: Up

Error Status Report










Now thinking about it, could it be a subscription issue? no, windows popped up.

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    Math fail 14x13 is 182 rooms

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    Hey Unkind SgtMajor! This might be a bit tricky without knowing much about the set up the hotel is running but let's see what we can do about this. :)

    First, I wouldn't say this is a subscription issue, as you do appear gold! And as you said, no pop ups or error codes. The error codes instead indicate that this is an issue with UPnP or Universal Plug and Play. Is there a chance you would be able to ask the hotel to enable UPnP and restart the network? Perhaps late at night or early in the morning to impact less people?