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Really weird connection problem. HELP!

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This just started I while ago. Yesterday I could play straight all day long. I don't know where the problem is.
I connect directly to the modem and I know the modem works perfectly fine because I share it with a PC and I don't get disconnected with it.

So here it goes. There's 1 common situation where the problem occurs.
-When I turn on my Xbox, it connects to Xbox live, then when I started the game, when it shows the intro or loading screen, a pop-up would say I got disconnected from Xbox. So after I launched the game perfectly I tried to connect again, works fine, but a few minutes later when I choose an option that's related anything on connecting to the internet, it doesn't work, it shows me an error message of the game even. So I tried to exit the game and exactly when the Xbox Home pops up, I get disconnected again.. I tried this for several games and it seems it's not the problem of the server of the game either. 

P.S.: The past weeks I had a problem connecting to the internet because of my cable but I replaced it with a new one and works perfectly fine now, so I think it's not the problem cuz I played straight yesterday.

Thanks in advance. Hope someone could help.

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    Try to clear cache then redownloading your profile.

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    I tried what you suggested.. Didn't work. Still cant play multiplayer. :(