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Quitar control parental

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Hola, resulta que ya no tenía Xbox y me lo han vuelto a regalar entonces mi cuenta tenía control parental, ahora el problema esque el mail del control parental ya no se utiliza y no tengo como obtener la contraseña, y no me puedo poner en contacto con soporte tecnicno, alguna ayuda o sugerencia??

[translation- Hello, is that he no longer had Xbox and have returned to give then my account had parental control, now the problem esque mail parental controls is no longer used and have no how to get the password, and I can not put me in contact with bracket tecnicno, any help or suggestions?]

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    Hi there! Let me see if I understand:

    There are parental controls on your account, and now you are unable to access that email?  If that is the case, please have the account holder try this to recover the account: