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NAT type issues with multiple consoles

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For some reason, my NAT type will sometimes be strict upon booting up my 360 (I also have a PS3 that has NAT type issues whenever the 360 does). When I go into my Belkin N300 router's interface, I find that UPnP is enabled, but upon disabling and re-enabling, my NAT type switches back to Open, as it had always been prior to getting my 360 a few months ago. Is there a specific fix that will allow me to use both consoles with an Open NAT type without having to disable and re-enable my router's UPnP?

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    Hi VforVidena,

    Welcome to the Xbox Support Forums.


    it's quite logical that when your Nattype on your Xbox isn't open that you undergo the same things with your PS3.

    I don't have a lot of knowledge with the PS3 Networking stuff and I don't even want, but I am able to assist you with the Xbox problem.

    Please refer to this thread and follow all steps one by one and let me know it has solved your problem.

    If it wasen't usefull, I'm looking forward to your reply.



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    Hi there,

    you could take a look at this thread:

    and opening the ports for the use for xbox live.

    I have to have UPnP enabled and using port forwarding, otherwise I won't be able to have an Open NAT.

    I know UPnP should only be needed, but for me I have to use both.

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    Ok, so I opened the ports and my NAT type is open, but upon entering Halo 4 multiplayer, I find the notification that the servers are not available and the matchmaking playlist has re-setted to the default. I tried disabling the ports, and it allows me to enter matchmaking again, but reverts my NAT type back to strict. Any ideas?

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    Hmm, tricksie router.  OK, so you get your NAT all open, you go to Multiplayer and it's strict again?  Is there anything in your network setup that you could try simplifying?  Take down any firewalls, bypassing DMZs and the like?  If so, please give that a shot.  Also, what if you try leaving the UPnP off?

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    Please check the Belkin website to see if you have a firmware update available, if there is can you download it and update your router

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    Ok, my NAT type is open and my router's firmware is up to date, but upon entering Halo 4's multiplayer, my NAT type is still open, but I'm getting a notification that the servers are unavailable, despite my open NAT type. My router has a DMZ function, but I want to avoid using it due to the lack of firewall protection and the hacker risk increase that comes with it. Would my best bet be a new router? This is the 2nd router that I've had in the past year (both Belkin N300) and I'm strongly considering just upgrading to a better router within the next few weeks or so.

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    Your Xbox is not at risk from hackers in your DMZ. Your Xbox can only respond to the standard Xbox list ports which UPnP opens automatically and portforward opens manually.

    Where have you heard you are open to hacking?

    The Xbox isn't a PC that will listen on many ports (like a PC) only the standard live ports which you need open anyway

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    Oh ok, I'll try that out. I was just going of the warnings on my router's interface and I assumed the 360 would behave as any other PC would.

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    If you set it up correctly it will be fine, many Belkin N needs to have the Xbox in the DMZ to work properly I'm afraid

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    Ok I set my 360 to DMZ and I'm now able to connect to matchmaking with an open NAT type. Just gonna have to wait and see if it stays that way.

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    If you set it up just like this it should be fine:-