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Error 80048821

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My XBOX is giving me error 80048821 when I try to log in to Live.


I have no issues logging in on a PC or to these forums with my account.

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    A way to fix this problem is by Deleting and re-downloading your profile.

    • Removed Profile
    1. Go to Settings, and then select System.
    2. Select Storage.
    3. Select All Devices.
    4. Select Gamer Profiles.
    5. Select the gamertag that you want to delete.
    6. Select Delete.
    7. Select Delete Profile Only.
    • Clear System Cache
    1. Press the Guide button on your controller, go to Settings, and select System Settings.
    2. Select Storage or Memory.
    3. Highlight any storage device, and then press Y on your controller.
    4. Select Clear System Cache.
    5. When prompted to confirm storage device maintenance, select Yes.
    • Re-download Profile
    1. Press the Xbox Guide button on your controller (large X button in the center of your controller).
    2. Select Download Profile. (Not seeing Download Profile? Press X to sign out of your profile.)
    3. Enter the Microsoft account associated with your Xbox LIVE gamertag. If you don’t know your Microsoft account or password, see Find your Microsoft account or password.
    4. Now, enter your Microsoft account password.
    5. Select the storage device for your profile (for example, Hard Drive).
    6. If you’re downloading your profile to your own console, you can select the Remember Password option so that you aren’t prompted for your Microsoft account password when you sign into your profile.

    If Issue has been resolved and is Fixed Please Rate and Verify.

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    Try clearing your cache:

    Then delete and redownload your profile:

    This will hopefully fix your error. Please post again if it doesn't work. Good luck:-)

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    Solution does not work for me.  Still getting the 80048821 error.  

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    I have the same issue and have tried all the steps above multiple times with no success.  I was online with xbox support for 4 hours and they couldn't fix it.  It was escalated and I haven't heard back from them.  I am able to log onto a friend's xbox with my profile.  I created a new profile and joined Xbox Live, and it can't connect either, but it just says the email addy and password are incorrect even though they are not.  It's something on the box itself in regards to specifically Xbox live, only after connecting.  It even shows me when friends are online and who they are, but gives me this error.

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    I am also having this same error.

    It asks for my email (which is already filled in), so press "Ok"

    It asks for my password (which is already filled in), so I press "Ok"

    It asks me if I want to save my password so I don't have to enter it every time I go on xbox live, so I check off the box and press "Next"

    Then the error pops up, saying my email or password is incorrect. but here's the weird part. If I press B, or the guide button to back out, it sign me out of my entire profile... But if I press "Ok", it brings me back to the beginning where it wants my email and then I can press B to close the security section and I'm on xbox live like nothing even happened

    I have no idea what's causing this, but its annoying. When my girlfriend signs in her account to play with me, she has to go through the same process

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    I've been having the same issue. If I cycle through the login attempts as listed above, it eventually works somehow. "Security check" message from Xbox to verify account, confirm email, confirm password, I get logged in and am asked if I want it to remember my password, when I confirm this page, it tells me my password is incorrect or I don't have a live membership. After this page, sometimes I'm actually logged in and continue my business, sometimes I'm not signed in and have to loop through it.

    I'm hesitant to delete my profile as I read someone was then unable to redownload their profile because of the issues on Microsofts side. Can anyone confirm that following the steps above actually has any chance of fixing the repeating 80048821 error code?

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    I'm dealing with the same issue. Got it to temporarily work last night by following *SOME* of the steps detailed above -- deleting/redownloading profile on my machine, then had to hit the guide button/back out, do all sorts of things trying to break out of the terrible login cycle to connect to Live.

    But now same problem again this morning... and I really shouldn't have to delete/redownload my profile every single time I want to connect.

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    Same problem here too, tried all the above steps and I still get the same error. Was just trying to decide wether or not to renew my annual subscription that expires in a month and I guess Microsoft is just trying to tell me that I shouldn't. Thanks again Microsoft I'll take your advice!

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    I deleted my profile, cleared my cache, then redownloaded my profile and it seemed to work for me. it signed me in without having to go through that security check. However, I didn't have to enter my 4 digit pass code. Is my pass code still there, did it get erased? Do I have to enter a new one again?

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    Yes, Your passcode is erased, and you will have to enter a new one.

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    I thought so. However, I'm hesitant to set up a new one because of the fear that it will screw up again lol

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    Hey, y'all, this pile-up with everyone in the same thread is Bad News. These forums work best when each of you create a new thread with a first post of your own, as the original poster's problem and solution, although similar, could be very different in detail. It's great that you're researching here, but the quickest path to a solution is your own thread.

    Support: or Request A Call   How to get FreeLIVE

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    I had this problem literally 10 minutes ago for about an hour and I refused to delete my profile and download it again. But I did managed to solve it by just sit there pressing A until I noticed it had signed me in. No idea how it worked, but it did.

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    seems to have worked for me

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    Both of my sons accounts were failing to connect to XBOX live and the 80048821 error would be displayed. We knew that their passwords were good because we could log into from a computer using those same accounts.

    What I learned by calling support is that our XBOX accounts needed to have some additional security info added to them. So, the solution involved:

    1. From your computer connect to

    2. Log in using the live account name/password that you normally use to log into XBOX live

    3. In the "Microsoft Account" page, click 'Edit Security Info' and enter additional items to provide additional security to your account such as an alternate email, a phone number, a security question, etc.

    4. I believe you may need to actually log into the email account associated with your account and confirm these items you add to your account.

    5. Once we did that, the technician suggested logging into the console and performing the "Delete Profile Only" and "clear system cache" steps that are described elsewhere in this thread (I don't know if these steps were absolutely necessary).

    Once we did this we were able to log into XBOX live from the console. Hope this helps....