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Xbox Keeps asking for email and password at startup

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So I signed in as I usually do today and received a message that the Xbox needed to confirm my email address and password.  So I do so and it claims that either my password is incorrect or my email does not have a membership.  Now I know these are both wrong so I go on to download my profile again.  It all checks out without any issue but then when I log in again I get the same message again.  This time I hit the middle button/the home button and I manage to get out of it and stay online.  Basically I know at this point that my email is connected to a xbox live membership and that my password is correct.  I even changed my password to see if that would solve the issue and its still giving me this issue at startup.  So what's the problem here?  Why do I keep getting this message when everything clearly checks out?

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    Try to:

    1. Delete your profile (only profile not game saves and other stuff)

    2. Clear your xbox cache

    3. Redownload your profile

    Hope it helps

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    I'm having the same issue and Microsoft better sort it out or I'm going to cancel my account and sell my xbox!!!

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    Hi Mulqueeny! This is a pretty old thread, so if you could go ahead and create a new one, detailing your issue, as well as any troubleshooting you have tried, that would be great. Thanks!