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When I try to sign into xbox live it prompts me asking for my email and password when I put this in the error code comes up. I tried to redowload my gamertag and it finds it with the email and password I had tried before hand. It then asks for the email and password gain but says its wrong. When I sign in on the xbox website it gives me a gamertag that isn't the one I use any help???

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    Hey there Residual! Please go ahead and make a new thread detailing your issue and any steps you've taken so far to fix it. That is how these forums work best as it lets us tailor our support to your specific issue.

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    Alright well this means there is a problem with your account and for example you might need to update your security info.

    There are three solutions that I know of

    Solution 1: verify your  Microsoft account security inforation

    1. Visit Microsoft account
      Note If you forgot your password or can’t sign in using your password, reset your password.
    2. Click Edit security info.
    3. Verify your security information. For example, verify the Phone numberAlternate email address, and Security question information.
    4. Sign out of your Microsoft account and then sign in again.
    5. Try to sign in to Xbox LIVE again.

    Solution 2: Delete and re download your profile.

    It sounds like you already did this but to do this follow these steps.

    To delete:

    1. Go to Settings, and then select System.
    2. Select Storage.
    3. Select All Devices.
    4. Select Gamer Profiles.
    5. Select the gamertag that you want to delete.
    6. Select Delete.
    7. Select one of the following:
    8. Select Delete Profile Only. This deletes the profile but leaves saved games and achievements.
    Download your profile:
    Start by signing out of any accounts you are signed into. Press xbox guide button (Silver button with green X) and press X
    1. Press the Xbox Guide button on your controller (large X button in the center of your controller).
    2. Select Download Profile.
    3. Fill out your live ID and password for your account and see if that fixed it
    Clear your system cache
    From the dashboard
    Settings>System>Storage>Press Y to select your storage device>Clear Cache> Yes
    (It does not matter which storage device you select if you have more than one, The cache will be cleared for all storage devices)
    Let us know if any of these solutions fixed your issue

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    none of this worked. Why does it sign me into a different gamertag to my normal one though?

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    Hey there Ewe!  OK, so when you sign on to a GT that is not the GT you expect comes up?  That means that you used a different email to start your LIVE account that you normally use.  No worries though!  We can still find it and get you in.  Please use the steps on to recover the account.  Then you can re-download it using the correct info, and that should sort out the error!

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    How do I recover the account it only say recover password. Also when I enter the email and password to download my Gt it finds the one I want along with the one I dont want???

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    So my question is what do you do when you have this error and have tried all the corrections to fix it?  I have a family account with 3 gamertags.  Only having a problem with one tag and its not the main one.  Constantly asks for the email and password and then give the 8015d002 error.  I have added account security info, I have deleted and redownloaded the profile, I have cleared the cache and I have tried completely changing my account log in password.  Nothing helps.  It will allow me to log in for about a min or so then kicks me out and asks for the email and password.  What do I try now?

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    I have exactly the same issue.    

    So, MISS ERMINE - of (xbox official support),  why should I have to create a new thread for it, re- xbox live support's other comments about my issue, (which I cannot find now).


    I would also like to reply to B4RevenantGamer - Probably great advice, BUT-  YOU ARE NOT AN OFFICIAL XBOX LIVE SUPPORT AGENT are you?

    Do you know for sure that clearing the cache and deleting your profile will not cause more problems? Like it did for me, when other support topics were followed here at xbox live support. That, by deleting the primary account, I LOST my  only record I had of my Skyrim save - I LOST IT FOREVER1  (ACCORDING TO XBOX LIVE)!  (Even though it was in the cloud) and some of my other game saves are gone too.

    Worse of all, I have lost access to my BF3 Premium too.- via my One Time Pass on my Primary account.  

    It seems logical to me, that the I used my BF3 Premium one time access code on my PRIMARY account and would therefore have had access to BF3 Premium across all of my other child accounts!  Although we only used it on one other of my accounts.

    Then I deleted my main Profile and cleared the cache as per Xbox live support's advice to solve a license transfer issue and then could not access BF3 anymore, because it now requests a one time pass access 'redeem code'. again. - BUT, -  I've already used it - and it will not let me enter it a second time!

    What is also logical to me, is that I did not delete the child profile that I ALSO played BF3 Premium on , and that STILL has access to BF3 Premium.  DOESN'T THAT SEEM LOGICAL TO ANYONE ELSE?  

    (Except that) - there is now a NEW ISSUE of this security update, which is now not letting me sign in with just one of my child accounts. (The one with the BF3 Premium on it). So I am unsure if I will totally lose my BF3 premium access altogether if I delete this, like I did on my Primary account!

    I can access all of the child accounts under the Primary parent account via the parent account on the xbox machine. So my Primary accounts password is not at fault.

    I can log in online at Xbox live -

    I DO NOT NEED to reset a password that works!

    I do not need to follow the FORGOT PW instructions, because I certainly know all of my emails and passwords.


    My question to xbox live support is. If I do resolve to delete my profile yet again and clear the cache.   IF I lose the only access I have to BF3 Premium, will they give me a new FREE access to BF3 Premium? (Like the one they still owe me from the time I did this with my primary account - following xbox live's instructions)!

    I think the answer will be NO - THEY WILL NOT TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for their own advice and the damage it does!


    Hi - Commander Fox2

    xbox live support DO NOT have the answer (as stupid as that seems)-

    If I do find what works for me, I promise to return and let you know!  I hope you will do the same for me!

    Struggling with it for 2 weeks now!

    You can tell xbox live, that you've done ALL the things mentioned.  All they know is;  that what they are telling you, usually works, but it does not seem to be fixing it in our cases.

    EXCEPT for me... I have not 'recently' done the clear the cache bit, because that lost my BF3 one time pass access when I did it the first time!

    And - the only access I now have to BF3 Premium, is through the one account that is messing about and not letting us sign in. So effectively, I still cannot play BF3 premium that cost me £50.

    I'm just hoping to find some other fix, other than to clear the cache, Besides which - another xbox live support member said[ - it is nothing to do with clearing the cache! -  Its a forgot password issue.   I know all of my passwords and emails, they are checked and working and written down in from of me. Yet all are refused.

    Xbox Live GOLD family member. 22nd Feb 2013.

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    Aandraeus, the reason we like you to create your own thread is so we can focus on helping YOU. When multiple people have different issues and jump in the same thread, it makes it difficult to help everyone. Thank you for understanding. :D

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    Its not a different issue!

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    Hey there Residual! Please go ahead and make a new thread detailing your issue and any steps you've taken so far to fix it. That is how these forums work best as it lets us tailor our support to your specific issue.

    Do you have an idea to improve Xbox for everyone? Share it with us at Xbox Feedback!

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