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Service Alert MatchMaking

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Ok, this is the second time that you (Microsoft) have blamed my network for your issues. It took me over an Hour to attempt to fix my Network, which had no problem. As soon as I some how fix it, I sign in and then it says Matchmaking will have problems. Pardon my french but I'm one of the *** off customers that has to put up with this endless ***. I payed $60 for quality service, now I'm wanting my *** money back. I pay for a service that should be *** near perfect seeing that I'm paying $60 a year. Instead I get ***. I would have to say from all the times I've been disconnected from Live because of Microsoft's flaws I would have to say Microsoft owes me about $10, but of course I won't get it back because they're a joke.

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    I am sorry you are having issues, but what matchmaker are you having issues with?

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    i don't realy know, it just says Service Alert Matchmaking, I got on here, and it said users will have problems with Battlefield 3 matchmaking.

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    Hey Crazy Kid, so you're seeing a message that thre will be issues with matchmaking, are you unable to play any games or are you just seeing the Service Alert?  In some cases, those are just FYIs- not everyone will necessarily experience the issue.  But if there is anything you're unable to do, please let us know, yeah?

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    did you try rebooting your router

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    When matchmaking works, the error message publicly posted at will clear away.

    Support: or Request A Call   How to get FreeLIVE

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    I have the same message. I am trying to use my Netflix..keep getting bumped off...buffering forever.

    No sense in this.  How can I stop this from going on?

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    This is an old post pertaining to a service alert in april, not necessarily the one your getting right now, at the moment Xbox live is experiencing some issues, and they're pulling maintenance, everything will be fixed soon.

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    OK. So I just got.  Booted out of a movie I was watching NOT by my choice. This system is automatically logging me out! Saying service is temporarily unavailable. It was the Flixter app I was in and just got booted out of IN THE MIDDLE of PACIFIC RIM! Grrrrrr! So I go to check the network connection and it is just fine. So WTF? I got a yellow

    Exclamation mark for a matchmaking service alert. What is going on?!? My husband paid $60 dollars for a one year membership. We should not have to deal with this. I am very disappointed. My Gamertag is LivingRock9992.

    And I think that your unhappy customers deserve better than this. I think that you should fix this MAJOR PROBLE

    M and give us something for dealing with this inconvenience. Like a free game or avatar item or something worth while.

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    I am also unhappy.  Hulu, Netflix, etc. are all kicking me out due to match making or store issues.


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    Hey there archimes hill!

    Please go ahead and create a new thread if you haven't already.  This way we can provide support specifically tailored to you.  Be sure to include the details of the issue as well as any troubleshooting steps that you have tried.  Thanks in advance!

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