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8015D002 And 8015D003

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Forgetting all the past issues just for this post, my current problem is that one of my child accounts under my primary account (xbox live gold). Is not letting me sign in!

It only requests, sign in with email and password -  and is refusing all known passwords.

The error code is 8015D002 and other times 8015D003.

All other accounts are working as far as signing in is concerned.

What exactly is 8015D002    -?

How do I fix this?

What exactly is 8015D003  -?

How do I fix this?

Any help from official xbox live support agents welcome!

Suggestions please from any other 8015D002 and 8015D003 error code sufferers ONLY IF THEY MANAGED TO FIX IT!

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    Hello AANDRAEUS,

    I hope this helps!

    Status code and message

    Status code 8015D003 contains the following message:

    Sorry, something's wrong with your Microsoft account. Go to for help. 
    Status code 8015D003


    If you see status code 8015D003 when you try to sign in to Xbox LIVE, there may be a problem with your profile.


    To resolve this issue, try the following solutions.

    Solution 1: Verify your Microsoft account security information

    Follow these steps:

    1. Visit Microsoft account. If you forgot your password or it doesn’t work, reset your password.
    2. Click Edit security info.
    3. Verify your security information. For example, verify the Phone number, Alternate email address, and Security question information.
    4. Sign out of your Microsoft account, and then sign in again.
    5. Try to sign in to Xbox LIVE again.

    Solution 2: Clear the system cache

    1. Press the Guide button on your controller.
    2. Go to settings and select System Settings.
    3. Select Storage or Memory.
    4. Highlight any storage device, and then press Y on your controller. (It doesn't matter which storage device you select; the cache will be cleared for all storage devices.)
    5. Select Clear System Cache.
    6. When prompted to confirm storage device maintenance, select Yes.

    Solution 3: Move and then redownload your Xbox LIVE profile

    Note If you want to use a USB flash drive or a USB hard drive to complete these steps, you must format the USB flash drive or USB hard drive for Xbox storage. (See USB flash drive support for Xbox 360.)

    1. Move your profile to a USB flash drive or USB hard drive. To do this, follow these steps:
      1. Plug the USB flash drive into your console.
      2. Go to settings and select Storage.
      3. Select All Devices.
      4. Select Profiles, and then select your gamer profile.
      5. Select Move.
      6. Select the Memory Unit that you want to move your profile to. 
        Note A Memory Unit can be a USB flash drive, a USB hard drive, or the Xbox 360 Hard Drive. Be sure that you move the profile to a USB flash drive or a USB hard drive.
      7. Remove the Memory Unit from your console.
    2. Redownload your profile. For information, see Download, move, or delete your Xbox LIVE profile.

    Error code and message

    Error code 8015D002 contains the following message:

    Account does not exist.

    Status Code: 8015D002


    If you get this message and error code, it means there’s a problem with your account. For example, the security information for your account may need to be updated.


    To resolve this issue, try the following solutions. If a solution does not resolve the issue, go to the next solution.

    Solution 1: Verify your Microsoft account security information

    Follow these steps:

    1. Visit Microsoft account
      Note If you forgot your password or can’t sign in using your password, reset your password.
    2. Click Edit security info.
    3. Verify your security information. For example, verify the Phone numberAlternate email address, and Security question information.
    4. Sign out of your Microsoft account and then sign in again.
    5. Try to sign in to Xbox LIVE again.

    Solution 2: Delete and re-download your Xbox LIVE profile

    For help, see Download, move, or delete your Xbox LIVE profile.

    Solution 3: Clear the system cache

    To clear the system cache, follow these steps:

    1. Press the Guide button on your controller, select Settings, and then select System Settings.
    2. Select Storage or Memory.
    1. Highlight any storage device, and then press Y on your controller. (It doesn't matter which storage device you select; the cache will be cleared for all storage devices.)
    2. Select Clear System Cache.
    1. When prompted to confirm storage device maintenance, select Yes.
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    Monday Feb 25 2013

    I finally fixed it, (sort of). but another one of my child accounts has started doing the same thing!  At least I know how to fix it. (The 'sort-of' comment is to do with an email address that I deleted, which is causing concern). Read later..

    I stuck with the Solution 1: Verify your Microsoft account security information!

    Refusing to go with the delete profile and clear cache solutions because I am certain that doing that previously, actually lost me my Battlefield 3 PREMIUM membership via my ONE-TIME-PASS. I am going to start a new thread about that issue later, but for now, here's how I fixed it. Blow by blow.

    I got a little irate at times on here in my previous rantings and in my article below.

    IF YOU ARE FIXING THIS ISSUE - KEEP THIS IN MIND, You will HAVE TO go round and round in the security system several times to get your emails and passwords added.  THIS IS WHAT WAS THROWING ME!

    Everywhere-else I go, (and I have a lot of password  and high security sites I sign into daily), don't have this much back and forth with passwords, email and phone verifications. Usually you add an email and get a confirmation in that email, and at any previous email; that you have added an extra email (or phone number to accept confirmations codes) and you are done. This system even asks you to confirm the confirmation email!

    WHAT I WAS MISSING was not clicking to confirm a second time, (because I knew I had already done it once).

    THEN - If you change or delete an email, that will complicate the issue, as it also did with me.  I sat over two hours going back and forth! And with respect  to the time it took, I was also writing down a step by step report of everything I did; copied page text when I saw it and put my thoughts down on the issue.  If you want to read the long step by step version, read on, the short answer is to just keep going round in the security steps, it should eventually work!


    The account in question is asking for my password via the xbox live family email.

    1, (I don't actually have access to this XBOX LIVE FAMILY ( email account do I)?

    2, If I have, I've never known of it, as far as I know, I access all of my accounts through my PRIMARY account. Is that right?

    I assume those answers are:-

    1, NO you don't have actual access to an email address, you cannot login and read email there!

    2, Yes, you access and manage all of your child accounts under your primary account.


    I can sign in with my primary account, and alter all the features of the other accounts like customize the profile or set parental conditions etc. So, my question is, if I have this PRIMARY parental control over this account, why can't I verify the sign-in details from within my primary account.

    On the xBox machine.

    I try to sign in with the xbox family live email address, but no-password is accepted.

    I don't expect it to be, because I usually sign in to my profiles on the xbox machine its-self.  And am not asked to sign in with email and password, but usually if I am asked, I enter my primary accounts details and that then signs me in. But, this now no-longer works! No combination of password or email works!

    And I NEVER get asked for my password to my child accounts via the xbox live family email (the one that is set up when you create an account). Since they are all under my PRIMARY xbox live account, I usually have to go through my primary account to make any alterations. Which is how it should be!


    I try to verify the account, all of my primary details are done, extra email address and telephone, with the exception that trusted PC which only takes me as far as a blank screen, (that's a separate issue, not related).

    I have access to my primary account on the xbox console and online. So, it is not that AND it is not my PRIMARY account that is asking for sign in with email and password, it is one of the child accounts.


    So, I try to verify that child account online, and enter the only other email address, (other than my primary account email address), that I have for that child account. This is a address!  

    I go through the enter email and password, that takes me through the jumbled capture letters routine, that I can never figure out if caps or lower-case. After several failed attempts I get past that to RESET YOUR PASSWORD screen.


    ----Start of SCREEN---

    Reset your password.

    Select an option for resetting your password.

    1, Email me a reset link.

    2, I can't use any of these options..    - You can still get back into this account by filling out a questionnaire. We'll get back to you within 24 hours (typically a lot sooner).

    ----end of SCREEN---

    I SELECT 'Email me a reset link'. - my primary accounts email is already available (as it should be).

    I receive the reset link in my primary accounts email, I sign in to the child account.

    I go to the xbox console, and try to sign in with the child account - I'm back to where I started, it is asking me to sign in with email and password and still not accepting anything. I test signing in on Primary and all other child accounts works.

    I go back to PC online, still signed in. But it looks odd, I refresh the page.  I then get asked to improve the security with adding a telephone number (I already did this on my primary account, that is the parent account of the child account in question, so why am I being asked again), anyway, I set this up to my landline telephone.

    MY POINT HERE IS - THIS IS A CHILD ACCOUNT! I don't want anyone else to be able to access or alter any details, or to have access to confirmation emails and to be able to accept telephone codes sent, via the child account if things go wrong. I only want access and control via the MASTER PRIMARY ACCOUNT!

    I've no other option but to do what the Xbox live security wants. So I enter my home phone number again.

    The phone rings I get the reset verify code, I enter it, it is accepted.

    Then I get a message on the console that says:


    To Confirm, go to    or use the link we send you..

    I go back to my email account, and find another confirm the email that is asking if the number I have just confirmed is right, Even though I just answered the phone and got the code and entered it once already.


    Now I go back to my xbox console. I try to sign in again and I get even more security warnings!

    It says:-

    Your account needs to be more secure. This is the only way we can send you security codes: (My Primary email shown).

    It asks: Can you trust messages there?

    You then select an answer, Yes or No - I select:-


    Then you get a message that states.


    (Shows my primary email again).


    Pick which one to set up next.

    The only thing left is text (AND I DON'T WANT TO DO TEXT). I REFUSE TO!


    I decide to add yet another email. And go through the whole back and forth with email confirmations again.

    It sends a code to that email account,

    I log in to that email on PC and get the code and enter it into the xbox console.


    The console reports...


    To confirm, go to or use the link we send you.


    Now I'm confused????

    AM I supposed to recieve a link in my primary account email address or the one for the added security?

    I check both and I have recieved no-more emails.

    So, I go to again (already logged in though, but I am not sure on which accont anymore. I suppose I am now in my child account, because my primary account had the phone and extra email accounts showing, this doesn't),

    And this time I decide to re-enter the same phone number and same email address, (logically) since no-email addresses or phone numbers are showing. even though, I just went through all of that hassle.

    Plus - I only have one phone number that I want to use, and I only wanted to use a max of two emails toward my Xbox-live security.  Most people won't have more than one or two emails - What do they do?

    I'm not touching the TRUSTED PC thing yet. (It usually goes to a blank white screen and nothing)!

    Up to now, I have been working on this for TWO HOURS this saturday morning, and I still cannot sign in on that child account. Saturday 23rd Feb 2013.

    Then I clicked to save info, (There was no save button before, or I would have clicked it).

    Now I get a message that I cannot enter the same email that I have already used for this account! However, the phone number is the same and that has now updated and is showing on the screen,

    I enter a another different THIRD email address, and that goes through the confirm email, routine as before - again.

    I decide to have a break..

    Returning to it, I try to log in first at my accounts on the xbox, each individually are now working, except a different account is not requesting to sign in with email and password. Oh Noooooooo!

    I 'CANCEL' - and can actually sign in on that account - WHATS THAT ALL ABOUT???

    It seems a bit stupid to me, to have all that security hassle on one account, yet another identical child account under my primary, only has to be clicked 'CANCEL', and it lets you sign in?  

    This just actually makes me more angry with Xbox live, after putting me through all of that other crap!

    Wouldn't you be annoyed?

    My point here is that the MASTER PRIMARY ACCOUNT should be the only one that I have to update and all the other child accounts below that account should take on the same properties, except that the child accounts have limited options as set-up in the primary accounts. Seems logical to me, but this is microsoft!

    Another issue is that a while ago, (I don't remember when), I took off another email address on my primary account that I no-longer have access to. (I'm in my child account NOW, and I see the message about that, which seems confusing to me.  Am I in my primary account at Microsoft or my child account? YES Definately, I'm in the child account, so why should I see activity of my primary account? - Too confusing to worry about.. ).

    This deleted email will be removed on 17th March 2013 the message states.

    At that time, when I deleted it, I logged in with all my 'then-current'- security information to remove that address.

    Yet, even though I have added a new email address since then, and again today, it states that this new email address added today, will not become active on this account until the 17th March 2013 when the othe email is removed.  WHAT? -

    Listen Microsoft...  I've told you that I don't have access to that email address anymore, but it is still an active email address, so that must be a big security hole. I passed all the security in place on my account at the time when I deleted the email. It should be gone already, AND I should have immediate access to the security via the new email address! SINCE I HAVE PASSED ALL OF YOUR NEW SECURITY CONFIRMATIONS ALREADY - Haven't I???

    So why leave that old address in place and active over and above my new security. You have wasted a lot of my valuable time sorting this out and it is still not acceptable. I definitely will be buying a PS4 when that comes out!

    It seems to me, ridiculous that I HAVE TO add extra security emails to get access to my account, yet, for the one email I've told xbox live about, that I no-longer have access to it, xbox live is treating it like a swap-over, instead of adding these extra email addresses immediately. All the checks and confirmations have been done on the new emails and telephone, to receive codes. and - they have been accepted.

    What more can I do.

    I test and sign in, all accounts are now working, except the security sign in on another account, mentioned above. It is still asking for email and password, but I CAN JUST CLICK CANCEL to get in. That's nice and tight security, isn't it?  Why break in, when you have just left the keys in the door?


    WE ARE NOT AMUSED! Xbox Live!

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    This is, BTW, a Microsoft Account issue, not an Xbox issue; the Microsoft Account support folk have their own support forum at - and you can message them there about this issue.

    Support: or Request A Call   How to get FreeLIVE

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    I have the same issue, only it is with my main account what can i do? tried emptying cashe that didnt work tried re-setting password that didnt work i am totally fed up, any suggestions? my son said buy a sony lol.

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    Hey Monk! If you could go ahead and create a fresh post, detailing your issue, as well as the troubleshooting you have tried, that would be awesome, and we'll get right on it. Thanks!

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    Hello may name is TENA  I want to remove the Account Managent