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error code 80151012

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i need help everytime i try to get into xbox live it tells me to update or to rensure my security so i type in my email then pass and it loads for a second then bam it says error code 80151012 plz someone help


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    Hey there streetjugornot8!


    1. Check to see if at least two security proofs are setup and verified


    2. Delete your profile from the console, be sure to select Delete profile only, to do so check this link:


    3. Clear the console cache, see this link for the how to:


    4. Turn the console off.

    5. Turn the console on.


    6. Clear the console cache one more time like in step 3


    7. Redownload your profile.(See the same link as 2.) you might have enter the security verification afterwards and all should be fine again.


    Let us know how it goes...