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Xbox Error Help !!!

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i got error 8008221 and wtf  mail good password good  en erro :O

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    The best ting for that one is to rest ur password on ur e-mail an it will restet on ur xbox to its going to hurt it at all do not worry the error mean that ur password is to weak is all u got to make it stonger is all then when u get that done run an a test it should let it go thoght for u

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    compre por 100 REIAS CARTÃO QUE CONTÉM  25 DIGITOS que eu teria 100 reais na Live sempre comprei esses cartões e nunca tive problema, não estou conseguindo resgatar na Live, já tentei no Xbox 360 e no site da Xbox e nada quero uma solução pra isso..

    Se eu não tiver os 100reais que comprei com dinheiro entrarei na justiça contra Microsoft e XBOX.

    [Translation: buy for 100 REIAS CARD that CONTAINS 25 DIGITS I would have 100 reais in Live always bought these cardsand never had a problem, I can't get rescue on Live, I tried on the Xbox 360 and the Xbox Web site and nothing I want a solution to this.

    If I don't have the 100reais that I bought with money go on court against Microsoft and XBOX.]
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    Hey there, xXJOHNHUNTERXx! I'm very sorry to see that you are having some issues redeeming a card. This thread is over a year old. If you could, please post up a new thread detailing what you're running into, any error codes you may be receiving, and troubleshooting you've completed. This way our community will be able to get you the individual support that works best on the forums. :D

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