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xbox live website wont let me into my account settings.

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So at the moment(obviously) I'm logged into this website...But when I click on "My Account", it redirects me to google search for with this url:

I dont have an xbox console anymore but i got an email saying a 1 month gold subscription has been cancelled, and i know for sure i havent been purchasing anything on xbox, and unless someone has access to my hotmail login i use for xbox, which they dont, then i dont see how anyone else has been purchasing anything on xbox. I just need to be able to access my account details on the xbox website so i can change a few things in my info but as i said before, it redirects me to that link above.

Can anyone help me out? Or is the account part of this site not working at the moment?

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    If you feel that there has been unauthorized access to your account I would just go ahead and contact the Xbox Support team and have them troubleshoot the issue.