Constantly getting kicked out of Netflix

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    I'm gonna start this out by saying I have no clue where I should put this, but this seemed like the best idea to me. I honestly have no idea what to do, every time I try and watch netflix on my xbox 360 it kicks me out of xbox live, not just netflix it kicks out of xbox live completely and makes me sign in again. I cannot find any information about this online anywhere and I don't know what else to do. I've cleared my cache numerous times, I've deleted Netflix from my xbox numerous times and nothing seems to work, it still kicks me off all the time.

    Does anyone know what I can do?

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    Guessing your network setup is blocking Netflix causing the whole connection to time out kicking you off Live. Would try connecting directly to the modem through ethernet and see if the problem goes away. If not then going through and making sure your router is setup correctly for Xbox Live and Netflix port forwarding would be the next step. If that doesn't work stick the 360s IP under the routers DMZ option. Forums over at DSLReports and other sites have really nice forum communities if you run into more network problems or just want to have everything setup optimally. Last thing I am not sure since I cancelled my account if they have implemented only one stream per netflix account.

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    To be honest I have absolutely no idea how to work anything that has to do with my wireless router, I'm pretty dumb when it comes to working anything advanced in computers/routers/anything. Also I can't connect it directly to the modem because it's all the way downstairs.

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    I'm experiencing the same issue. I have a valid XBOX live account, and while watching a Netflix movie, it will seemingly randomly kick me out of netflix and prompt me to sign in to a valid XBOX live account. I'll give the networking troubleshooting suggestions a try

    Here's the message I get:

    Upgrade to Gold or Sign In

    You need a AXbox LIVE Gold Membership to instantly watch TV episodes & movies streaming from Netflix with your Xbox 360

    Upgrade to Xbox LIVE Gold now!

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    That's the exact message I get. :/ I really want to know what's going on.

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    Please, I really want an answer. ._.

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    You need to know what your internet speed is..I would get kicked out of Netflix about 5 times a night.Not xbox live just netflix.So I decided to up my internet speed and have not been kicked once.I have bright house my old speed was 20 down and 2 up I believe so I went high speed and got 40 down and 5 up .You need to talk with your cable company you might have slow speeds which could effect your online..


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    I ran into this exact issue myself, what I did to resolve it was turn off the Turtle Beach X41 Headset I purchased recently.  it creates so much interference in the 2.4ghz band that it would drop me out of Netflix and at random intervals when playing games.  After moving the wireless unit away from my xbox everything cleared up.  Do you happen to have this headset, or another 2.4 ghz headset by chance?

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    Here is where I would start.




    This link is also in the section I would post issues like yours.  It will also talk about what Sparkstorm has stated above about 2.4 ghz ( maybe not on that link but will be in that section of the fourm).


    Good luck and I hope it helps.


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    Haven't really looked at any post, but my first guess would be connection.

    Not sure why, because i've connected to xbox live using wi-fi and watched plenty of netflix movies.
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    I had my Turtle Beach X41 Headset and Base Unit  right next to my Xbox and moving it away from my Xbox as SparkStormrider suggested fixed my Netflix issues to this point.

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    OMG thank you = this was the solution to a problem I've been trying to cure through various more complicated solutions for 2 days now....thank you thank you thank you! It is so simple and was literally staring me right in the face:)

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    Hey Bigred, glad to hear that solution worked for you! Please don't forget to rate your forums experience. :-)

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    netflix only needs like 2Mbps

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    I'm getting 50 down and 5 up... 8/10 times I watch something on nexflix on the xbox, it fails and signs me out of live. Very frustrating.

    I have a crappy magnavox blu-ray player I bought from wallmart for $50 that has wireless and plays netflix, it works perfectly!

    The Xbox is wired, as well as my PS3 and my apple tv. The xbox is the only one I have issues with.

    I have tried changing the DNS settings, tried putting the xbox un DMZ... Any ideas?