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Can't Connect Xbox 360 Slim Wireless Or Xbox 360 Wired Console

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What Country/State/Province do you live in?  Oklahoma City OK USA

Modem brand & model number: Motorola SB51010U

Router brand & model number:  Linksys E1000

Network Connection Type: Wireless/Wired If Wireless, what type of encryption are you using? Xbox 360 Slim Internal Wireless/Xbox 360 (Jasper chip) wired ethernet cable. Encryption type unknown

 If Wireless, are you using a white or black external adapter, or an internal (Xbox 360S) adapter? internal 360 Slim (bought new Feb. 2011)

Things you have tried: Is UPnP Enabled? Yes

Yes/no/Unknown Is NAT Type Open? unknown

Any Error Codes you encounter: What type of internet do you have?

No error codes.  Simply says it can not connect to xbox live.  When I do a test on the Slim it won't connect to the router.  It says "there is a problem with the connection".  I have a PC and a laptop that both connect to the internet, as well as an iPod and a Wii.  If and when it does occasionally connect it gives no warning when it disconnects and says the same thing when I try to reconnect.

Cox cable is my interent provider.

Cable/DSL/T1/3G? Who is your ISP(Internet Service Provider)? After you run "Test Xbox LIVE connection" and click on "More info", what is the exact message shown on screen?

Cable/Cox Cable

"Cannot connect to your wireless network.  Your wireless network is secured with a WEP key or WPA passphrase.  Your console may be using the wrong one."

Also if I can and it will connect (the wired 360 is the only one that will occasionally connect, the Slim hasn't at any time in the last two weeks or so) netflix will never load.  While nexflix site says their system is functioning and I can watch it on my PC, laptop, Wii, and iPod,  I have gotten a error code with netflix once or twice, but mostly it just says "can not connect to netflix please try again later".

Any suggestions would be nice, as I have zero intention of giving microsoft another $100 this year for live if it isn't going to work.  I have never had a problem with the present setup or have ever changed my settings on the Slim since I bougjt it earlier this year up until the last two weeks or so.

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    That worked fine for the wireless 360 slim.  I reset to default settings and entered my password again for my network and it connected.  However in the same solution process on the xbox link you posted, I can't resolve the wired consoles connection problems.  When it tells you to go the same route on the wired console (system settings, network settings) or if I choose "test connection" when it fails to sign in, I can't get to the screen that allows you to do a connection test or change the settings.  A window pops up with this -- "When making an internet connection, make sure that an ethernet cable is connected to both your console and your modem or router."  I can't get past that window to change anything.

    Thank you for your help with the other console.

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    Have you just gone one wired console? Has it always been wired and just stopped working? If so have you had any storms lately?

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    Yes, it is one of the older 360 and it has always been wired with the original ethernet cable that came with the system.  When we bought the Slim we moved it to a different room and bought an extension cable to reach back to the router.  It just stopped working around the time the Slim did, so I assumed it was related.

    We've had some heavy rainfall in the last two weeks but nothing drastic that has affected anything else.  

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    Ok, try a different Ethernet cable and a different port on the router, even try the slim on that Ethernet cable (as a test)

    If a different Ethernet cable and/or router port does not help or putting the Slim in the place of the older 360 does work on that Ethernet cable then the Xbox Ethernet port is damaged I'm afraid and will have to be repaired by Microsoft.

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    Sorry it took so long to respond.  Yes, the Slim connected just fine with the same ethernet cable I had on the old xbox.   Would it be possible to bypass this problem by buying a wireless network adapter and trying to connect to my router in that manner?  Don't they connect via the USB ports and not the cable jack in the back of the console?

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    Yes the wireless adapters are USB, can't you replace that faulty extension cable instead?

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    The ethernet cable is fine I would assume, as I used a wired connection with my Slim and it connected just fine.  But it won't connect with the old xbox.  I figured it was as you suggested early, being the actual port on the old xbox that is faulty.  I think you are correct in that.  That's why I asked about a wireless adaptor as oppose to sending it to microsoft to get the port fixed.