Change Wireless Channel

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    Login Information

    • Gateway -
    • Username - admin
    • Password - password

    Change Wireless Channel

    1. Open a web browser.
    2. Log into the router by entering the default gateway into the address bar of the internet browser. (Example
    3. The gateway will then prompt for a user name and password.  The default is that user name is "admin" and the password is "password".
    4. From the menu on the left select Gateway.
    5. From the submenu on the left select Connection.
    6. From the next submenu select WiFi.
    7. Under Private WiFi Network select Edit.
    8. Select Manual next to Channel Selection.
    9. From the drop down menu labeled Channel select the desired channel. (Channels 1,3,9,11)
    10. Select Save Settings.

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    This helped so much thank you