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    Known Issues


    On February 15, 2014, Microsoft released a mandatory system update for the Xbox One that also addresses an issue impacting multiplayer gaming over Wi-Fi.  Specifically the Xbox One issue affected  Arris XB2 (TG852/TG862) integrated wireless gateways being used in areas that support IPv6 enabled broadband.   Xbox One consoles not using WiFi, or other Comcast Gateways or service areas were not affected.  For more information about the patch please visit Xbox One operating system versions.  Comcast and Microsoft have collaborated closely since this issue was discovered and are happy to report that this issue has been resolved.

    The Xbox may not be able to connect wirelessly to this device, or suffer from lag and intermittent disconnections. This is due to firewall setting that can cause MTU, Live Connection Error or Can't Access the Internet errors in older versions of this devices Firmware.  To resolve these issues, you will need to update devices Firmware to version 7.6.59c or later. Please see the Firmware Update section for instructions on how to update your devices firmware.