Firmware Update

    • Level   9

    Login Information

    • Gateway -
    • Username - cusadmin / <leave blank> / (ISP Charter) chtruser / (ISP Charter) chtrtech / (ISP Rogers) rogcesadmin
    • Password - password / <wireless password> / <leave blank> / charter / (ISP Rogers) wra8uje / (ISP Rogers) nas00Rn7TU


    How to Find Firmware Version

    1. Open a web browser.
    2. In the address bar at the top type in
    3. If asked for a user name and password use (cusadmin/password). If your ISP is Charter you can use (chtruser/charter or chtrtech/charter), if you ISP is Rodgers you can use (rogcesadmin/wra8uje or rogcesadmin/nas00Rn7TU).
    4. Click Status across the top.
    5. Click Gateway from the sub tabs.
    6. Firmware is located on this page labeled Firmware Version.


    Update Firmware

    *Firmware is updated automatically from you ISP*