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"Recently updated security info"

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I keep attempting to cancel my auto-renewal of Xbox Live, but every time I click  to change the status to "off," I'm prompted to a page that says I am in the middle of a waiting period to update my security info. It says the updates will take effect on  6/12/2013, but that is a few days after my Xbox Live is scheduled to renew, and I do not want it to be renewed. All other forms of support are unavailable, please help.

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    Suggest you contact a Billing Agent. You can choose Option 1 after finding your country's support line: See ...

    but a faster way to speak to an Agent is to go to - sign in there if you can - then go to  Click on Request A Call and type in a few lines explaining your issue and you will get called back quicker than if you waited in queue on hold.

    Support: or Request A Call   How to get FreeLIVE