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Battlefield 3/'Player too young' (of age)/Haven't found a solution

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I bought BF3 today and upon trying to access the multiplayer I was told 'Player too young' and being 27 I was rather confused. I searched through BF and Xbox forums and all I found was posts about changing your account to an adult account, I dont have the option to do so through my xbox but I wouldn't think I would have to. I made my account 5-6 years ago but I am confident I provided all the correct details. Is there any way to check account details (ie. date of birth) or could someone give me a solution.

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    im not to sure ethier but if you go to the inside xbox channle scroll along to the end or till you find school of xbox then look though them they explain with a vid

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    Sign into your WLID account on the web and check what you have listed as your date of birth.

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    I'm in the exact same boat. I'm 21, listed my Bday right, and still no dice.

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    I have tried everything and anything on the xbox and windows live websites. I plan to call xbox customer support in the morning, I will post what I find out.

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    It would be something you'd need to take up with EA rather than MS since you're trying to connect to their servers with an EA account.

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    I just spent the last 3 hours dealing with this.  EA did everything they could on their end and said my correct Date of birth is in their system.  Called microsoft and they said they cannot do anything to help the situation over the phone but referred me to the forums and promptly hung up on me!  This is bologna!  

    I saw another post saying that i have to wait until the account DoB reaches 18, how am I supposed to know when that is.  My account says I am 31 years old.  maybe something happened when I registered for Live in Iraq????

    Would love to hear an adequate answer.

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    My best guess is it's an EA server issue. They've had quite a few problems ever since the BF3 release. Servers down first night, across all games. Then people can't access their online pass, now this.

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    This happened to me to! its so frustrating i dont know how many times i got trouble with multiplayer on ea games, and now i get this for the game im most excited about this year. My acount says im 50 years old i think so age shouldnt be a problem. Anyone knows how to fix this or do i have to ask EA about this?

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    Spoke to xbox support and they said everything was fine on their end. Yet to call EA and see if they can do anything, not sure if I want to though. This is an absolute debacle so I'm just going to return the game and wait for MW3.

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    Im from Germany and i got the same Problem and Im 21.

    I hate it so much ...

    dont got any answers... hope we will find it

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    Same problem here. Very frustrating !!! I have 35 !

    Guess I'll swap BF3 for MW if they don't fix that very soon :(

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    I have the same issue and no idea how to fix it. I had the same issue stop me from playing the beta and now I'm a paying customer who cannot play BF3.

    I'd suggest a little better product testing EA and Xbox, how do we fix this?

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    when an account reaches 18

    you need to promote the account with a creditcard

    if you went with the default date 1999 then well you will wait another 7 years

    btw even if you change the windows live id to an adult account that will not affect the age of the gamertag

    check the family settings on the console

    if they are there then you are under 18

    goto guide

    all the way to the right

    goto account management

    if the promote child account is there then you can promote

    MS cannot test EA profiles

    that is EA's property


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    Thank you NGO seems like you cleared this up. I will just go over a few things. To all who say they know their account is an adult account; That is not true, you cannot know how old your account is. Even if you call into Xbox support THEY still will not know how old your account is. The only way to get your account from a child to an adult is to use the promote option under account management, this can only happen once the account reaches 18 years old. There is no solution for this except creating a new account and setting the proper birth date. Sorry for the trouble.

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    But I am 35 ! I always was more than 18 on the Live since day one and Xbox 1. I was never 17 on my Xbox, never.

    I'll try this promote thing but I won't create a new account, I don't want to deal with two accounts. . I'll swap BF3 for MW3 and I won't buy any EA game ever if they use that crappy feature...

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