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HELP - Gold Account has been misteryously canceled

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On Jan/2014 I sign a 12 mounths gold account by U$39,99

That value was debited in my credit card at same mounth.


After 2 mounths, Yesterday I received an e-mail from billing@mi? with information saying my account has been CANCELED.

The point is: I didnt canceled it!


And now? please can somebody explain to me whats happen?

I want my gold signature 8 mounts remains back!

My account is:

Dog Brazil SPZN


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    You'll have to contact support at, they'll be able to answer that for you.

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    Me too have trouble with my gold subscription. It was cancelled not by me.

    So i resolved this problem contacting the support by chat.

    In US and Brazil, the phone number support is out!! >.<

    But by online chat it's ok!

    The support guy sent to me by e-mail a  prepaid code with my time gold remaining (10 months).

    Try you too contact the support because I got the sollution by it.

    the link to chat online support is:

    (step 3, click in Online Chat)

    Access and explain your situation (english idiom). It works!