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How can I change my parental controls?

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While playing Saints Row: The Third, I encountered an error when attempting to create a Saints Row community account from within the game saying my Xbox parental controls block me from doing so.

The age on the account is 22. It was never a child account, nor are there any child accounts under it. As a result, I cannot find the parental controls to change this. Preferably on the website, how can I change my parental controls?

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  • Privacy controls, maybe?

    click the "My Account" link in the upper right corner. Scroll down to the second half of the screen, right most column has an option for privacy and online settings.

  • Oh! You might have console settings issues. You do have to do this on the console. You'd want to go to settings and family/family settings. If there are restrictions set, it will ask for a 4 digit passcode. You might have an option to answer a security question if you don't know the passcode.

    Or call hardware support for help resetting that.

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    Unfortunately, messing with those didn't change anything.