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Won't be renewing next month. Thanks enforcement team!

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I've tried to post multiple times about a problem and concern im having with another gamer on Xbox live and yet nothing is being done. Now seeing how I pay for a family pack I figured something would be done or at least shown to me that they are working on the situation. I do have children that play on the Xbox and now that I know what kind of service I am being provided, I will not be renewing the accounts. I know for a fact this guy should not be allowed to remain a member according to your code of conduct. What is it there for anyway? To ban and suspend when you feel is necessary? With the posts I've read and other people getting banned for doing less than this guy is doing it really makes me not want to be a part of this community any longer nor do I want my children being a part of it. Unless something is done or I receive notice that something is being done then you just lost a loyal Microsoft customer.
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    Hey, I'm really sorry to hear that you have been experiencing issues like these with someone in the community. When an incident like this occurs that breaks the Code of Conduct, the first thing you should do is immediately file a complaint. If you feel that the user is going to continue to bother you you can mute the player which will eliminate them from contacting you further. To learn more about how to file a complaint, as well as how to mute a player, please refer to this article . If you feel threatened or at risk of being harmed in anyway by the offender, remember to never hesitate to contact your local law enforcement agentcies.

    Once again, I am very sorry about the experience you have been having and I hope this helps resolve your situation, to get you back to having fun in the community.

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    You as the primary person can change your child's privacy settings to friends only and this will avoid communications from unwanted people and as long as you don't chat with them after you can mute them


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    If your having that many problems then you need better safety for your accounts. I had problems with my kids at first but after a while everything started to work out. I would suggest you look at these links. Both of which are very helpful.

    Harassment, filing a complaint, and managing communication

    Parent’s Guide to Xbox Live Online Gaming