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Accidental Xbox live points purchase

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I got an email saying my purchase of 6000 xbox points was usccesful. I didnt make the purchase and I can only assume my 3 yeard old has somehow managed to do it. Is there anyway I can apply for a refund? All the pages on this site take me round and circles and don't actually tell me how to go about solving the problem.

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    found this pretty easily


    there is no refunds or refund proccess


    6.6.  Refund Policies.  Unless otherwise provided by law or in connection with any particular Service offer, all charges are earned when received and are non-refundable, and the costs of any returns will be at your expense.

    If you allow or enable a minor to use your Service account or an associated account, then:

    • You represent that you are the parent or legal guardian of each such minor;
    • You acknowledge that you are aware that some features of the Service, and some content available through the Service may contain or expose users to material that is unsuitable for minors, and you agree to supervise usage by minors whom you permit to use the Service. The Service is not intended for use by children under 13, except together with a parent or other adult supervision;
    • You acknowledge that we offer “Family Settings” on the Service and the Xbox 360 console, and also offer “Parental Controls” for Windows Vista and Windows 7, that are intended to help you limit access to material that may be unsuitable for minors. By applying Family Settings to an associated account at sign-up, you may, among other things, help to prevent any user of an associated account from making additional purchases and from having access to voice and video chat, which is intended to diminish the ability of such user to communicate with other users. You may view or revise your Family Settings in the “My Xbox” area of your Xbox 360 console, or by logging into your account on Additional information about Family Settings is available at; and
    • You are responsible for any material to which a user of your subscription either gains or is denied access (including as a result of your use or non-use of Family Settings or Parental Controls). You acknowledge that use of Family Settings, Parental Controls, or both, is not a substitute for your personal supervision of your minor children or minors for whom you are the legal guardian.


  • all refund inquires is only handled by calling support and talk to billing but as stated in the terms of use

    you are responcible for your account and supervision of minors at all times


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