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Serious Problem: My Gamertag keeps getting corrupted

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I've been having a problem with my XBL Gamertag, or Profile as you will. Everyday when I start up my xbox, my Gamerprofile is in 99% of the times corrupted. I usually notice this when one or more of the following things occur:

1. My gamer picture does not show when pressing the guide button

2. My total achievement score is downed to 0 which is unaccurate.

3. My Avatar is "blank" and shows nothing except for a Grey non clothed avatar

4. Games won't play as they tend aquire an update which can't be downloaded.

5. In the Gamer profile part of my Memory, my Profile which is PantherAtNight is marked as a "Corrupted Profile".

This only happens when my Xbox 360 has been off for a couple of hours, mostly when I turn on my Xbox the first time of a day. I've rarely seen this happen multiple times a day (however my Xbox mostly stays on during one day)

I've been having this problem since a very specific moment. That moment is when I first turned on Cloud saving.  (However this might be random and may have nothing to do with the corrupted profile, I still think it was worth pointing out). So basically, it's bugging me for about half a year now. I turned Cloud saving off the second I thought it could have something to do with the problem.

Also Battlefield 3 didn't do any good to this problem at all. When my profile got corrupted every once in a week or so before playing battlefield 3, after I started playing BF3, It got worse with now having to Download/Recover my profile Every. Single. Day. However, I've had a peroid of a couple of weeks after playing BF3 when my Profile stayed entirely "clean" the whole time. Though, having a problem with BF3 itself (Unlock windows kept popping up and Loadouts kept getting defaulted as it was my first time playing the game, which I eventually fixed by deleting the Disc Install off of my system), I deleted my profile and the entire problem returned.

Battlefield 3's problem ("Unable to save Player profile data") may have something to do with my Profile, or may cause one another. Anyway they're both really annoying and both happening on my system.

My question in full desperation is: What should I do? I've tried so many things, but this problem keeps haunting my xbox. I've been forgiving Xbox a LOT (this is my 3rd and I've been having problems with all three of them), but this is really pushing my patience.

Any helpful comments or people who are experience something alike, Please do tell. I think this a serious problem that requires some attention.

*After reading a few Posts that sound a like to my problem I stumbled upon this one: I will try as Mister Gwyther said to use another storage device as soon as I can. However, If my HDD turns be the problem, would that be a part of the Xbox guarantee? Or would I be *** and have to buy a new HDD? Thanks*

Note: I have not yet contaced MS support by telephone. I think this a very difficult to explain situation, and considering I'm not much of a talker I think I'd end up giving the person on the other end wrong information. Hence the fact I'm posting this in the Forums.

Note: My first language isn't English so forgive my possible incorrect grammer or spelling.


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  • Hate to say it but it does sound like a storage device issue. Is there any other content that is being corrupted other than your profile? Try the following:


    -Go to your Storage Device under System Settings and delete your profile, just profile-not the game saves, then clear the cache, restart the console and recover your profile. Once complete is your profile showing as corrupt?

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    Thanks for your comment.

    I checked and I have no other files that appear to be corrupted.

    I followed your advice of deleting my profile then clearing my system cache, restarting my console and recovering my profile in that exact order. However I will not notice any differences until tomorrow when I start my console up again.

    But thanks anyway!

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    Greetings, PantherAtNight. Keep us posted! I'd be interested to know if you're able to resole the issue. :)

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    My profile wasn't corrupted today, which I'm very happy to see. However if it's one thing this problem has teached me, it is not too happy because this problem might just return next day. I will post again in a couple of days to tell you guys if this worked out or not. Let's hope for the best.

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    Well, it's been a while since I did what Temhotabot told me to do, so I can now safely say that my profile is working properly :) With this my problem is solved. Never thought the solution was so simple. Thanks!

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    Excellent! Glad to hear the problem is resolved. Happy gaming! :)

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    reoconext to xbox live with out  corrutions

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    Hey there Asp! If you are having issues with your account, please create a new thread in this forum detailing your issue. Thanks!

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    I sorta have the same problem. I changed my gamertag recently, and this happened. Some of my data became corrupted; everytime I try to connect to xbox live it says I lost connection and when I test it says that the connection is fine but due to some nat stuff and I try to log on again and again it doesnt work (getting this problem resolved right now), and I keep getting messages on my games saying "The storage device containing your profile has been removed." but it is still in my hard drive. What is going on, I would love to delete my profile and clear my cache, but I can't download it if I don't have connection to Xbox live. What is going on, I think there is a bigger problem here than the Silver accounts and minecraft.

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    Hi Triple. Please go ahead and create a new thread, and we will get right on it. Thanks!

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    i'm sort of having the same issue the difference is every time i've restarted my xbox my profile has been deleted and id have to recover it every time. any ideas for me ?

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    Hi TFGXCypher115,

    this thread is pretty old. To ensure the best support it's best to create a new thread regarding your issue.

    Be sure to include additional information, like the things you already tried to solve the issue and if there are more things that get corrupted.

    Also be sure to delete the profile (Profile only) and clear the console cache and restart the console before redownloading it.