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How to completely delete a xbox live account without getting rid of my hotmail

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I'm trying to get rid of my xbox account (TectalRiver0 - I've never used it at all, but I think it was autogenerated for me) completely so that I can move my xbox account that I actually use and have MSPoints on from an old email (that's spammed and locked) to my main, proper email address.

I've tried moving (account > your information > Windows Live ID > Change Windows Live ID) the TectalRiver0 account to a random old email address of my girlfriends and get "Sorry, you can only change ... once every 30 days" despite it having been there for months and months and has never been changed.

Is there a way of just getting rid of this TectalRiver0 off my Windows Live account so that I can move my actual gamertag across?

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    That 30 day message will also show up if the email you registered/created to move it to was created within 30 days or if either of them have had a password reset.

    Wait for that 30 days to go by and then you should be able to swap it off.

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