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password lock a child account

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i am not seeing the option anywhere. 

My particular scenario has pre-teen girls that will know how to go into account settings and change it. And i do not want that pls.

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    Read this link


    Also, if your children know the sign in email and password of your account This link will show you how to change the email address, password, or both.

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    unfortunately the password lock feature described in the link, limits who can sign into the account by entering a passcode before signing in.

    what i am asking is for the ability to lock the account settings. Letting anyone play on the Live account, but not letting anyone change the (child) settings.

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    Is this on their own accounts or the account you're posting with now?

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    well put your children on a child account via the family account if supervision is an issue


    and put a passcode on your own profile

    viola they can't sign into your account and they can only sign into theirs


    purchases are under the online privacy settings



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    still no.

    I am not trying to lock them out of my account (although they are using their own account). I am talking about the account settings can be simply changed from child to adult. Every account setting can be changed from within the child account.

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    ok now your confusing us

    lets start all over again

    "My particular scenario has pre-teen girls that will know how to go into account settings and change it. And i do not want that pls."

    child accounts are locked to parental windows live id requireing you or the child to enter the parental password

    this can be done at and manage your child accounts and change your parental windows live id password


    its easier if you have a family account and it can be change at the family center and only the master account cna change those settings

    if your children want to go and download m rated demos no parental setting will allow them to do that

    they must wait till they are 18


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    create a "child" account in account settings.

    Let the kids have a blast with it.

    While in that child account, the user is able to simply change it into an "adult" account. Racial/sexual messages from Live users ensue.

    I do not want a password lock on the account, because they need to actually login to the account to be able to play. I am talking about the account "settings" needing a password lock. I do not see that option at all.

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    thats privacy settings LOL

    they can login all they want and play online

    PARENTAL settings cannot be changed by the child user unless you give them the password

    this requires the parental password

    child accounts cannot change to adults magically

    you can change privacy and family settings with the parental password which i hope you do not give to your children

    you have have it so they cannot post any info on the bio


    again please look at the family account and the family settings link i posted previously



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    Sounds like the girls accounts may be adult accounts, otherwise there would be a lock on changing the settings on the gamertag.

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    if you had set up your children with adult accounts then your only solution then is to be the parent and create a family account

    that way the master account can set restrictions


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    Alright, I think we need to start over. OP: what the other users are suggesting is that the girls need their own accounts, not playing on yours. You set a passcode on yours so they can't sign in to yours and change settings, and then their accounts can be monitored and parented however you see fit with the Parental Settings and Online Safety Settings.

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