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Account Recovery

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My gamer tag is iFrodoB4ggins

I am unable to access the live ID on my account, it has been blocked and i am unable to reset it. Is it possible to change the Live ID to the alt. email on my file

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    2 questions

    Do you mean the email associated with the windows live Id is no longer existing ?

    And you forgot the password?

    If so go to and contact customer support to reset the password

    If the windows live ID no longer existing phone Xbox support


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    You can't sign in to the Live ID itself? Are you able to sign into your gamertag on your console? If you can't sign into it, it may have been compromised, and to change your WLID tied to your gamertag, you need to be able to log into it (on your 360). 

    Here's the link to change it, for reference. 

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    Hi there. Normally when a Windows Live Id becomes blocked or invalid they will appear greyed out under Account Management on your console, unfortunately you will not be able to change the email address yourself and it would be a good idea to contact the xbox support line.


    If you do have access to your account on your xbox 360 follow the link provided above by Mad Cow Dizease.

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    Hello! If your ID has been blocked, you can unblock it at : : Add a mobile phone number and that should unblock it.. only if it was blocked due to someone sending spam and what not. If you mean it's blocked because the email doesn't exist anymore, that is something you may need to contact microsoft answers forums for. Xbox support wouldn't be able to assist you with that part. Windows live ID's are used for more than just Xbox accounts and their support is mostly associated to the basic reset password process on Anything outside of that you would need to contact windows LIVE help forums. They usually respond within 24 hours... and if needed they can email you a reset form for your account which helps you verify ownership to unblock it. You can only change the windows live ID on an account from the console as long as you already know the login information to that account... it's not guaranteed to work from if you already have it associated to a Microsoft email. Good luck! Here is the link to the Microsoft answers forum.

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    what to do if the email you used for the live account is what you forgot? i remember my password but not the email linked with the account, and I just bought a 12 month xbox live subscription and it wont let me add it to my account because when I log in on my console it asks for the email linked to the account! please help I DO NOT want to make another new account, its a pain to remember email adresses simply for this purpose, thats why im in this boat in the first place! i have alternate email accounts, if possible send the recovery link to or just let me know what email I used because the idea of making ANOTHER new email JUST so i can get online means this will happen again in the future and that makes me bitter lol

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    Please make your own thread. It is the best way to get a timely response. Many will back out of an old thread instead of reading new posts. Additonally, contact support. If you can pass verification, they can tell you the email. Otherwise, it's a process of elimination.

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    Hi my gamertag is Dominicanz4life it is somehow not letting me sign into xbox live.If there is anyone reading this please help.

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    Hello CravedxProd1G56!  We are reading, but this thread is almost a year old now.  Please post a new one detailing exactly what's happening and we'll get this figured out lickity-split for you! :)

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    I can't sign into my account I think I've been hacked  my get is XxDASHGAMESxX my gamerscore is 20969 please help me

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    Please go ahead and create a new thread if you haven't already. This way you can receive support specifically tailored to you. Be sure to include the details of the issue as well as any troubleshooting steps that you have tried. Thanks in advance!

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