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How to sign into a different account?

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Somehow I've managed to create another account when trying to sign into my original one on the pc. I've tried clicking sign out at the top right hand corner but it isn't working. Is there any other way I can switch to my other account? I've read that you can switch a gamertag between 2 accounts but does that switch your gamerscore, etc. over aswell?

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    Nevermind. Don't worry about answering this. I exited my window and came back like 30mins later and it just logged me automatically into this one. :)

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    If you encounter this issue again, make sure to clear your browsers cookies/cache and then try to re-load the page. It should automatically ask you to login again with your e-mail and password. The reason why you made an automatically generated gamertag is because you signed in with an e-mail that did not have a gamertag tied to it. If you don't know the e-mail address to your account you can easily find that out (for future reference) by going to:

    Dashboard > Settings > Account > 3rd Tab (Your Information) > Account Security > Your gamertag's e-mail will be listed on the right where it says "Microsoft Account".

    You should be signing into with that e-mail and that account's password.

    Happy gaming to you :). 

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    Thanks :) I probably just spelt my e-mail address wrong or something.