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manage payment options

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when i tried to update my payment options it came up that my account was suspended so i obviously changed my card details and it said it was suspended until they charged my card so i left the ammount i usually pay for gold in my account and have been trying on and off and it keeps saying the same message. when i try to do it on the laptop it says that i've found a glitch in the system so i went to request a call back and the submit button doesn't work. it seems that every solution to fix my account doesn't work can anyone help me with this i can't call because i have no money in my phone to do so.

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    Tina thank you for asking your questionn here in the fourms. I'll do my best to help guide you to your soulotion.

    To start with please visit Here you will find answers to many questions about what your going exp.

    If you are still havinging issues please get back to us.


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    Have you checked all the info, payment acct + other, at ?

    If so, suggest you contact a Billing Agent. You can choose Option 1 after finding your country's support line: See ...

    but a faster way to speak to a Billing Agent is to go to - sign in there if you can - then go to

    Click on Request A Call and type in a few lines explaining your issue and you will get called back quicker than if you waited in queue on hold.

    Support: or Request A Call   How to get FreeLIVE

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    the same thing is happing to me

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    you might owe more than can contact phone support also.

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    When I try to update my payment options it comes up with an error code and when I type the error code in on xbox website it doesn't help me besides telling me it's a problem