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Error code 8015D02E

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Hey guys, I tried signing into my Xbox live account today and the following msg came up: "Sorry, something's wrong with your Microsoft account. Go to for help Code: 8015D02E. So I went to the link and signed into my profile but it says it looks like someone else might be using your account. It then asks me to fill in a form with the details of the account I'm trying to sign into but the problem with that is I can't remember everything for the account I've been trying to sign, is there someway I can get round this?, thanks in advance.

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    The code does just mean their is an issue with the profile and it could be compromised. What sort of information have you forgotten? You could try to phone support, check this link for the contact us page you will need, they might be able to get enough information out of you required.

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    That happens occasionally if it detects suspicious login attempts. If you are unable to verify your account with that form then try this form at

    Fill out the information on that page and submit it. You should get a response within 24 hours and hopefully they will help you get access to your account again. You can try to contact support, however if you've already filled out the ACSR form, then this would be the next step in assisting you.

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