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how to change a parent account?

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hello, i'm mike. lately i tried to use the Video Kinect feature to communicate with friends, however it wouldn't let me because i needed the password for my parental account. i asked my mother and she said that the email she used as my parent account has been hacked, and the password has been changed and now i can't use the video kinect feature. What can i do? Can i change the parent account to another?


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    Hey mate, if your mother's account has been compromised, she'll want to call phone support at 800-4MY-XBOX to resolve that issue.

    Mister Fitzer - Xbox Community Engagement

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    well, she's tried that. when she asks for support they tell her the representatives center is closed, and they tell her to call during a specific time. when she tries that it tells her that there are no current representatives to take her call, and tell her to hold. she's been trying to resolve my account for weeks, and I'm really worried because of the person that did hack her account realizes it's my parent account i could get cleaned. are there any other ways possible? I'm in a pickle here....

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    What number are you trying to call? Make sure you are calling the proper number for your region.

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