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Can I transfer Points from one Gamertag to Another?

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Ok, so I set up a GOLD XBOX LIVE membership on my wrong account (incorrect birth date). On that account is where my points are from a gift card I received. 

#1.  Is it possible to move Points from one GamerTag to another?   I was able to change my WINDOWS LIVE ID associated with my gamertag, and the points remained, but now its obvious to me that the age didn't change on my new GamerTag even though my new WINDOWS LIVE ID birthdate (age) is correct.

#2.  How do I know....BEFORE I DO IT, what the Birth Date is associated with each of my Gamer Tags?  I thought it tied directly to the WINDOWS LIVE ID associated with the Gamer Tag, but this isn't correct as I realized last night.  Because I created a new WINDOWS LIVE ID with my correct Age, then changed the WINDOWS LIVE ID associated with my Gamer Tag, and then purchased GOLD XBOX LIVE, and still, it is not recognizing the new age.  Before saying NO YOU CAN'T CHANGE YOUR AGE....can you give advise on what to do? 

I realize the AGE question is asked over and over here.  The folks on this forum are probably frustrated with it. is obviously an issue at sign-up. There must be more emphasis placed on the importance of AGE in sign-up.  Because, I rarely ever use my correct age when signing up for anything.  And, obviously, thousands of others are in the same situation.

Advise outside of one word answers would really help me, as all I want to do is play EA Sports--MADDEN.

Thanks again, 

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  • No, points cannot be moved to another account unless you are under the Family Gold Pack.

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