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How i can transfer my GOLD subscription to another account?

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Hi guys im new here, well as the tittle try to say: I want to transfer a Gold Subcription form a first one account to a second one account, but i exactly means Canceling the first one and setting gold to a second one, i dont care if i lose 1 month from the current account and just set 1 month to the other, my reason is, i dont want to pay 800MS Points just for change my gamertag, i prefer create a new one account and tranfer the current subscription to another one.

So, could all you guys, tell me how i can do that?

PS: the current subscription is a offert 2months for 2dollars...


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    You can not transfer anything from one account to another.  It's simply not possible.

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    OK, but if i cancel the first one and set the subcription to another one?, that isnt transfer a subscription.

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    You can try calling support to see if they can cancel the subscription and issue a token for the remaining time. However, I don't think they will do that for a monthly subscription.