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LOCKED - License transfer, etc

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So my old xbox red ringed itself recently and I got a new 360 slim.  I have a ton of dlc and went through the license transfer process seemingly successfully, but when I download things on the marketplace, when I go to my console it says that it is "Assigned to other console."  So, did the licenses not transfer properly, or do I have to change something on the website to make it not say that, and if so, how?

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  • nevermind, I think i solved my own problem possibly.

    read this it's funny. trust me.
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    Hi there.


    This is just to clarify for anyone else who may have the same issue as you. :)


    Why do you receive this error message?


    After NXE launched, the very first console that you used to download any Marketplace items is seen as your main console. That means anytime you add items to your queue, they’ll automatically start downloading when you sign in with that console. If you sign in with any other console, you’ll see the above message and your items will be pending and assigned to another console.


    This is easily fixed and all you have to do is hit the guide button on your controller, scroll left once to "Marketplace" and then select "Active downloads". When you see the on-screen message showing the item you added to your queue assigned to another console, simply select it and press A and you’ll be greeted with another message. Select "Download All Items", once you do that your download will begin, but more importantly choosing "Download All Items" tells the Xbox LIVE service to make the console you are currently signed in to LIVE with your main console.


    From that point forward, anytime you add items to your download queue from the web marketplace and you sign in on that console your downloads will begin the moment you sign in to LIVE. You can change what console the service considers your main console as frequently as you would like by repeating the above steps. 

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